Friday, December 31, 2021

Big Stick, MY LIFE, Authority of the Son

 Something has to reach you, and we are heading for such a situation. I put out intention feeling what the SPIRIT had in mind and that is when the Big Stick synch began to happen. The SPIRIT reminded me what we share from 1993 related to the wedding synch when all this became clear about what was to happen. So I will place here the synch from that time about the wedding


Then the synch with the Authority of the Son
It is the SPIRIT that speaks through a man that is the Authority, not the person
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Big Stick Synch
So I had put out the intention to be heard after 30 yrs of rejection, and I have been reminded that
the SPIRIT has always been rejected and that those who read this without the SPIRIT will interpret away what I am saying to their own peril.

So what I began to get back is saying that this will change and that lives will depend on getting the message the SPIRIT is saying here. And that already hundreds of thousands in America have lost their lives because of presumption already.

So two big sticks came in unusual ways, one was attached to my truck as I drove and was not damaged as I drove, the other I had found two days earlier and used it like a staff to walk up the hill. These seem like nothing until you get to The Ordinary Stick synch


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Big Stick Synch on Twitter Yesterday


BIG STICK, is coming from the SPIRIT Just an ordinary stick. Two large sticks came in unusual ways to me this week #stick #synchronicity #republicans #clockcleaned #gop #dnatreepredictions



So I await the next synch with "Ordinary Stick" 

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Friday, September 08, 2017 Limbaugh and Just an Ordinary Stick


Stick Bug Synch

Things are not what they seem


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