Tuesday, December 21, 2021

The Angel at the top of the Tree

 The Angel at the Top of the Tree, They would misunderstand, because of the true intentions of their heart, like Trump's base... they want to hear a lie.

Pam and I  were watching Deck the Halls and they had the angel at the top of the tree was Marilyn Monroe and the TREE caught on fire and her skirt flew up, being JOLTED into JOY! We joked about the idea of dwarfs looking up with shocked and joyful looks on their faces. We then chose another movie "Don't bother to Knock" with Marilyn Monroe again,, I did not notice the synch until.... and I am sitting here contemplating the meaning of each dream of the two main actors in the second movie. 

   For some reason I began to wonder about "Jacob and the Angels going UP and Down the Ladder to HEAVEN and the one that broke his heart

A man goes for a dream, where he would build a business and be successful, then he realizes the reason he wanted to succeed

You must lose your way in order to find it

I began to see that my original intent was for her, whoever she might be, the life we could have led

Anyway, without getting unveiled and uninhibited, and losing my way,  I never would have found something real. Without that one angel that fought with me and bruised my heel. Though she slay me, yet will I love her. The Original intention of the heart

Joy, for You and I without shame or blame


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