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Went to Church last night


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As we left Stockton on our sunday drive I told Pam that we were going to church. We did not know where we were headed but we were looking for the Spirit and something fresh. As we drove up the mountain on highway 4 we thought about where we would walk. We passed Angel's Camp which we had not been to since that snow a couple years ago that I wrote about freshness. We went higher up the hill until we got to Murphy's. The energy of the place felt like what we were looking for so we parked. As we left the car we noticed we were parked on Church St. As I walked the street I was looking for a backroad where few people were in order to get in the Spirit with my moments. As I walked I wrote down my first impression that came from the music on the way here it was "Catch her so she doesn't fall".
I began to think about Church and Sanctuary and the idea of "encircling Yourself with the beauty that You are". I like to take the images from synchs and the things that fill my moments and encircle myself with them so that the poetry is always there to lift me up when I reach for YOU.
We came upon this store called Stories in Stone and I knew that Pam would be drawn into this store and I too wanted to see the forms but not necessarily buy anything. I saw a beautiful turtle which I put intention towards but did not feel like I wanted to buy it. I saw a round stone that looked exactly like Jupiter. Then I heard the ladies talking at the counter. The one lady said "I was going to the oven but ended up at the microwave". I walked around the store thinking about what the older woman had said and about having multiple things on Your mind at one time and how having a sanctified temple and only having one thing on Your mind [which is related to trust] helps to create such a temple that can draw Spirit. Now being able to let go of worries is a good reason for not getting much from Spirit. I had synchs about how YOU put different things in front of me in order to see how I feel about them so that YOU might KNOW ME. YOU showed me how to see what I do like about things rather than ever saying "no, I don't like that". It was because I wanted to KNOW YOU passionately that YOU began to want to know me. I needed to go where YOU are, which is in a wonderful place as YOU do not want to stay long in the mire. Then we went and looked at the old Hotel and heard their stories of Ghosts and told ours from Gold Hill. http://www.murphyshotel.com/

As we often do when we are away from home we made this spot into our living room for the evening.

I found an old bottle of "Panther Piss" which was a watered down whiskey sold in the area in the 1800's. I began to dream of a recipe that had vineger and whiskey in it. HMMMMMMMMMMM

They showed us the Gold dining room and we thought about having dinner there sometime. Later while walking the reflections from the gold leaves in the puddles made the 
puddles look like Gold. [synchs, rain and puddles] That seemed appropriate as we were in Gold Country. But as always with YOU, I learned to see the Gold as my moments with YOU, and I left it up to YOU to take care of my needs. The Gold was in these experiences. This is hard to understand until You either die or You have a life changing experience related to such. Pam and I took a walk up the country road for exercise and dreaming. While we walk like this we only speak the weighty things and words are often unnecessary because we already know what the other is thinking. I was thinking about this and the silence [also related to Ocean] and then I asked Pam what she was thinking and it was how wonderful our day had been. I spoke about the weightiness of "getting in the Spirit" and how words often jar us out, so we don't speak much but we know in our hearts that the other is "there". To speak would lower or take away from what is spoken in silence. For several years alone I did not speak to others because the experience I was having would be misunderstood, I had to experience it and then I had to want to Reach You and it had to be the Spirit doing it or You would misunderstand. That is why so many do not speak of true spirituality as it is between them and their lives. While walking we met a horse that believed in serving YOU. [Like a tree that gives it's fruit to YOU, the horse serves YOU or life. Horse is also poetry for lover]
Later we stopped at a place called the "Wild Grape" to ask what Tapas were and we were drawn in by a lady that was adoment about us eating there. She took us to the bar where a blonde girl was playing a bass and a fellow was playing a bango. I began to notice the way the lady was stressed a little and it was making her misplace things. I told her about my experience in the Stories in Stone place about having two things on Your mind at once. We all got into a laughing, jubilant discussion about inventing and music and everything and we just had a blast. It was a posh joint but we added a little West Virginia energy to the bango playing and they got into it and soon we were having a hoedown. The layers, the flavors, the music, the faces, it was just as we had dreamed church to be. Oh, did I tell You that we often call ourselves "Tavern Ministers".



The Wild Grape Restaurant is nestled in the heart of the Calaveras Gold country about 1/2 hour below Calaveras Big trees state park, an hour from Bear Valley and three hours from the bay area. We believe that dining out should be more than sitting down to a good meal-that great food like fine art was meant to be a shared dining experience so we have brought together in a colorful palette, savory gourmet menus award winning wines from our winning wines from our many local vintners.

The historic gold rush town of Murphys is steeped in history and alive today with state-of-the-art performances, a plethora of boutique tasting rooms and an array of eateries, galleries and unique gift shops. Oh and the scenery is to die for. The little Victorian where we are situated at the north west end of town has its own story. of course, You’ll need to drop in, take a seat at the bar and lend an ear. Who knows what you will hear while sipping a wild grape cocktail or our gold rush coffee spiked with good brandy and real cream. indoor and seasonal outdoor garden seating reservations suggested 209.728.9713. Open seven days a week.

Later we saw Carol the lady that runs the place leaving there and said that was "Strangely Wonderful". She smiled as that was just what she wanted it to be like.

It was Church, it was Wonderful

Walking later in Murphys I was thinking about Jesus and the "church" and I wrote this down. My Body, this Church, is dieing but I will return in the Freshness and Newness of the Spirit. I began to think about YOU and about how I knew I loved YOU, when I first saw YOU in Jesus. This is the smallest of points overlooked by those that profess to know Jesus but they are really hiding behind a veil of interpretation. This cannot be derived from a book as You cannot learn to ride a bike from a book. We were walking the sidewalk and I felt Pam would not see the lifted up sidewalk so I said be careful but she tripped anyway but then caught herself. I said that I wrote that You would be caught when You fall and showed her the 3by5 card I had it written on. She loves it when I do that because it turns an almost falling moment into a "see I caught You moment".

John the Baptiser and his Cousin Jesus were Wildhearts and that was why he said that he knew they would misinterpret and that "they never knew me".
I am the Smallest of points all interpretations have overlooked. If You copy dnatree You have misunderstood. If You find the synchronicity of Your own life and follow it with great passion, You will effect everything. This growing synch is love.

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Some of the most spectacular and beautiful churches I have been to were a certain waterfall in the Santa Inez Valley, a secret spot overlooking the grand canyon, an east coast forest, a bench made out of tree limbs in a quiet corner of the gardens of Versailles, the cliffs of La Jolla overlooking dolphins leaping and surfing through the waves far below, a redwood forest, a waterfall cascading from high cliffs onto the beach at Big Sur and emptying into the ocean, Chartres Cathedral, and several others I could name.

Nature is my most favorite of all cathedrals.

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