Thursday, April 07, 2022

Stars that will fall from heaven, Weapons going away,

 If you have not been following the #dnatreepredictions on twitter than you are not going to believe what is possible, but in order to make it through what is coming, you need to open your mind to the smallest of points all interpretations of life have overlooked.

A whole lot has been  going on and I am going to lay out the many things that are coming into my reality.

Violence feels good to narcissists, but if you take away the pleasure you will take away the motivation.,

You will want to modify how you see reality soon as the motivations that created the present human system will be blamed for natures wrath that is increasing.

Stars fall from heaven

Weapons are not necessary when the stars fall from heaven you will see what to really fear. Reality too, is not what it seems. Instead of a gun, if it is needed, the SPIRIT is able to rain meteors from heaven and each one can hit exactly it's intended target for the intended effect. Those that seem strong in ideology are extremely weak spiritually. Like Putin and Trump, they seem like they cannot be stopped by the efforts of men but then the unexpected shows up and they look like pigs on rollerskates. Knowing YOU, my life what those that interpret without the SPIRIT believe, was set as a trap to catch them in a net. For they interpretted what it meant for the stars to fall from heaven, but knowing YOU, my life it will mean what I need it to mean in the moment it happens. When you see what the SPIRIT does, no one will fear the strongman, as he will be shown to be weak in the SPIRIT.

Better than a bullet, Perfect Love

When I put out an intention, I wait for the SPIRIT to give me a synch in the direction the SPIRIT would best fulfill that intent. Sometimes, the SPIRIT will show me what I overlooked in order to go in another direction. 

So I am putting out the intention that the presumption of the Stars that fall from heaven as read in Revelations be transmuted to how the world will see that being a leader is the very least thing you will want to be when you see what happens especially to the lying, manipulating, murdering, bullshit artists that want you to believe they are all powerful when real power is gentle intention given to the SPIRIT that grows like a tree. When the world sees what happens to these so called leaders that really only lead astray they will realize what the true gold is that only comes from the SPIRIT and will abandon the sillyness of leaders.

It comes in the moment you need it.

Videos that reveal the lies being told to the Russian People. They know, they just don't believe anything can be done about it and agreeing with Putin is the safest thing a Russian can do. But the synchs with Revolution will be sparked by the anger that is growing at this moment. Things are not like they were 70yrs ago and Russians and Moldovians and Ukrainians have tasted something better than tyranny and cannot be taken back and the anger that was in the synch with Revolution will be formidable. Leaders always overlook the smallest of points, so I would not put your life in their hands, but rather wait for the SPIRIT to reveal what is truth to you.

Revolution is Coming and what is happening now is the stimulis that will start it

The coming fire, so hot, it will melt the veil separating you and I on this planet and leave those hiding behind ideology like Putin, Trump and their base with nowhere left to hide.

You will find, the word inside your dna that you were meant to follow, and not leaders, as leaders always lead astray. You can cooperate in love with those around you but by holding an intention you will be led to be who it is you were meant to be.


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