Thursday, May 16, 2024

French day, Jonah, The First are last

 Like Adam and Eve when they hid from the SPIRIT and covered themselves with a veil which was an interpretation about what they wanted and how they used the words of a snake to bend what was given people that require an interpretation rather then having True Intention of heart and seeking to grow in the SPIRIT


I must confess I too was raised like this to believe an interpretation and I was veiled too and I had to go through such a cross to understand the true intentions of the heart and I am here to tell you that the least that are not veiled are closter to the SPIRIT but both sides have a measure of understanding and even faith but the most veiled bypassed the door which is the SPIRIT and climbed over the wall to enter in by interprtations which is another way that is impassable as no one can be perfect through their own power such as Trump says,,, a perfect call, but with synchronicity it is made perfect by the SPIRIT but believing it is himself doing it reveals he has not yet been reached to the heart to know the SPIRIT therefore it goes awry in the end. 

All manner of thing can be done by two or three in agreement with true intent by these lies and manipulation are leading to desolation without the SPIRIT.

We must cooperate and synergize in love as the alternative following a dictator and having those with greater true iintent than he being made to be the evil by his lusts all Anerica is being led to near desolation and you don't know the whole of what Putin and Trump have agreed to in the years leading up to Putin helping Trump to steal the 2016 election. The only election really stolen was by Trump that knows that but can look you in the eye and bare face lie saying it is those he is manipulating to try to destroy but the SPIRIT is greater than Putin and Trumps ability to manipulate and it is FINISHED.


French synchs yesterday. The day started by my family posting their their recipies for dinner and I was going to heat up some smoked chicken a can of Italian green beans and a piece of buttered bread. So I posted the can of vegtables and the buttered bread in French so it sounded as fancy as my sister Lydia's fixins. Well that was fun but then I began to have synchs about French matters and remembered the French NPR program the day before about how France has gone far right and expecting some more French news to happen in the next few days.


I have to accept responsibility for Trump as I asked the SPIRIT for that so that the lies and discord can reveal what we don't want and then reveal how, not doing it, but allowing the SPIRIT is a peaceful way of  working out our differences. With the SPIRIT all these things that the republicans hide and give a different picture of what they demand others must do is revealed. With the SPIRIT all these things Trump is caught in and Republicans are getting exposed for and their base is led to believe otherwise,,, these things can all be done through the SPIRIT but they rejected that and chose to use their own power and manipulation through lies to bring about their agenda related to the Abomination of Interpretation of scripture related to all things such as abortion and who/what you must worship/pay attention to. But that is not the way of the SPIRIT and it was intended that they veil and find out they are last.

I had this Jonah moment where because there was little fruit I wanted to let go and try find another way but the SPIRIT gave me that experience with the dogs barking and several other things begin to go awry and it revealed that we don't stop but must continue to write the synchs but I want to keep the writing in the blog and post the blogs and not interact with the energy on twitter as it is an endless manipulation and lie on twitter but it is where I started so I have to continue until the SPIRIT reveals a new outlet.

Both sides are wrong and both sides are partial in their interpretations but the hypocracy of the right is only leading to their hearts being broken and to tell you the truth that is exactly the intention for all this. It will reveal the best powers of manipulation and lies cannot do what the SPIRIT is able to do to reach to the heart. Trump was never going to do what they planned as it is the impassable way without the SPIRIT though the SPIRIT allows it to catch all those hiding behind a veil of interpretation that causes them to judge their neighbor. This was never the path but WAS the reason Jerusalem was destroyed in 60ad.


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