Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Walk the Dog, Last Song

 I took off looking for a place to walk Byrd and wanted a fresh place to walk him but was not finding a place to walk him. I turned at the high school and drove down the road to a house where a lady was working at the gate to her yard.  I asked her if she knew a place and as she began to speak her dog came out and began barking and that made Byrd react too. Unable to speak I gestured I would turn around at the end of the road and waved as I passed by. About 500 ft I turned on the radio and NPR was on and a lady said everything happens for a reason and when there is a fork in the road you want to take the right path. I turned left and drove to the next country road as I came up to the road I realized it was a very long driveway so I continued and the radio said Spence Lane which is my name and the next country road had a river and a bridge. I turned and parked on the side of the road and walked Byrd to the Bridge and the water was clear and rushing and there was a natural stone cliff below by the edge of the water.  Byrd began to sniff the air. I wondered what he sensed and then a burst of swallows came out from under the bridge and filled the air around us.

I realize what the synch was saying and went home and said I was taking a break on Twitter and leaving the struggle as a great fight/fire was coming and everyone involved would be sucked in and you don't want to die in such turmoil as you would live that fire endlessly. So, since it seems posting is not reaching anyone I just want to return to the garden and let go of this struggle to reach you. Putin and Trump want to ruin America and I have to let go now as all obviously will not respond until the fire is engulfing them but then will it even matter.


Last Song,, don't have to explain further

Last Song

With a little time alone I will begin writing stories of synchs on this blog


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It's still breaking the gag order by speaking to speaker Johnson about it and ordering him to do it if your own hand doing it

Life is a walk through the Forest
Don't fear the trees;
Fear what lurks behind them
                             Richelle E. Goodrich 


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