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Money ain't got no odor, if your eye keeps you from the SPIRIT

Money ain't got no odor, if your eye keeps you from the SPIRIT

It can come from anywhere, but Slums of Beverly Hills happened to be playing in the background. I found that through intent/synchronicity that money was not really important in the dna

Hunger, fragrance, taste these reign HIGH in the dna, but money, not so much. Money comes soon enough but first Desire, Intent, "spirit of what is really desired. If money was disrumpted (dis-rupted, dis-trumpted) from your reality, the rich would go back to being last because of where their intent is, but some people gotta find out the hard way.

"Blood" again on Slums of Beverly Hills

The SPIRIT speaking through the man said "I am the blood" SPIRIT says I bring to you the vibration and the desired.

Again in the background on SOBH "We got the toasters and the towels" meaning the necessary things you might desire.

My synch related to the SPIRIT about money is to take from those that cheated and give to those with true intent that those both might be blessed. The formerly rich will be given what they need in that if your eye offends you it needs to be plucked out that you might enter into the rhealm of the SPIRIT. 

If your interpretation is not of the SPIRIT and therefore offending you and others then that will be taken like the man that worked 7 years for a bride only to be tricked thinking they have found the truth but actually bypassed the SPIRIT and veiled with an interpretation therefore that interpretation is the thing that will be taken. 

You give your intention to the SPIRIT and the real CURRENCY of life/blood comes in the form of synchronicity so you will recognise when what you desire shows up according to your beliefs you draw to yourself. But without this back and forth with the SPIRIT your veil of interpretion over your eyes actually works to block what you really need because that veil needs to be torn. Cross

Intention/Allowing and the Fragrance of the heart. Spending time in sanctuary where the synchs flow.

Make all things YOU, my life as YOU come to me in the form I desired. It's like when you dream of a lover, unveiled and uninhibited without shame and YOU come to me in the form of another. Many might see me as "The Apathy of Venn, The Wizard's Love Story" in that my passion is given alone in secret, in my closet, or alone in a sanctuary. I might dream in my room dancing and a table of fragrance rising, dim light candle so my heart can grasp the subtle things. So you do it to the least,,, dream of a lover,, you do it to ME. I dream as though there is ONLY YOU and I, MY LIFE.

Appearances, conniving women and showmen you find are meaningless, practiced in deception. The smallest intent from the very least in the slums of Calcutta offered to the SPIRIT is greater than an actor.

I lose my way often, and many troubles have passed my ship. I lost my way interacting with divided folks to reach you so I leave the struggle from time to time. Stephentree.com/struggle I start new with YOU, MY LIFE waiting for freshness.

Sure I got angry at those whose eye/interpretation/money offends but I want the best, what's real, to reach you.

Life takes from each person what is needed to reach you. For the rich (story of Job) money is taken and spouses and children that you might see. And if like the RELIGIOUS your INTERPRETATION/EYE offends (is not from the SPIRIT) then that is taken and with true intent toward the SPIRIT a new stone is given you to hold onto. Only those with true intent can enter.

If your interpretation is not given you by the SPIRIT but by words of 66 books interpretted by man whose number is 6 then that is taken. But still, be happy because that is the path of the cross finding you were wrong, having your heart reached and that veil torn in two that you might start new with the SPIRIT and your neighbor you are offended. hint MAGA


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