Monday, June 24, 2024

The transition from an interpretation as God, to the SPIRIT

 The data has formed and revealed the error of the maga and Christian Right hypothesis. But many having loved lies and followed the fruit of the snakes such as republican presidents and Fox news they now reject data and the truth in front of them and many demand Trump or death. 

I am intendeing a synchronicity of experience and the SPIRIT will give a word and the word then manifest and then those say Trump or Death may join him in what the SPIRIT reveals as the outcome of this is they are revealed to be antichrist.

I expect a synch already exists that says this actually.

The way it works with your beliefs that you create from, if you did not get your presumptions from the SPIRIT but went ahead and accepted the interpretations of man/religion then you had better reach to the SPIRIT to nullify your belief about the interpretation of the book as when all this comes down those whose god is a book will be stuck in an impassable way except they just keep lying. As the book demands death for those that bypassed the SPIRIT. But  so does the reality of christianity as first you must die to the world of lies and presumption and empty the cup and be open to the SPIRIT.

So they love lies and don't look at the data which says THEY ARE THE HARLOT CHURCH

Liars Perhaps?

Lying to themselves perhaps?

Without the SPIRIT leading it is impossible for man to understand what is really going on. They should want to follow the SPIRIT into all truth and not accept any interpretation of any man except what each person alone gets from the SPIRIT,, you know as it was in the beginning before we thought we had it all figured out as what this says is there IS NO FIGURING IT OUT, there is only a word from the SPIRIT each day tht grows like a tree and then the meaning of 66books interpretted by man is made clear to be a veil over the eyes that must be replaced by the SPIRIT like Adam and Eve after their humilation they covered themselves in an interpretation but did not wait on the SPIRIT as they were ashamed and hid behind the interpretation/veil from the SPIRIT.

There are Christians with true intention of heart that know what I say is true about this but without the SPIRIT giving a genuine word they presumed and thought it best to stay close to the interpretation but that was actually the way liars and thieves from God are to be revealed.


Only the SPIRIT can reveal to them the point they overlooked as the book condemns them just like they felt before they hid behind the veil of interpretation for SALVATION.

The SPIRIT will reveal to each person IN THEIR OWN WAY what is truth for one creature is different from another but it is the SPIRIT that m;akes it all work together in synergy and synchronicity.

The interpretation of what is written on the page wether it was for us at all as it was all completed long ago and sin was destroyed by the very dna/blood of those who went before us which was actually the SPIRIT living through them experiencing and documenting in this body/dna vessel a treasure that each person manifests the SPIRIT in a new way. But the interpretation is complete and failed to save them as only a word from the SPIRIIT each day growing like a tree leads to what is real.

This is the purpose of this moment and since one person is kept from reaching them with the message of the SPIRIT the two sides cannot be reached and understand they are husband and wife/ YOU and I without sharing the synchronicity of the SPIRIT in your own experience and what the SPIRIT has revealed through this entire passion play/manifestation leading to the rebellion of MAGA as antichrist as was revealed before.

The problem #gop is your Rebellion is against God, you bypassed the SPIRIT to worship a mountain of lies orchestrated by greed. You were carefully fed by snakes but now you will draw only desolation because you blaspheme the SPIRIT #fridayvibes #friday #dnatreepredictions
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Let no man decieve you that day will not come unless this Republican rebellion under Trump starts and the man of lawlessness is blatently revealed. Yea! Get ready for the wild ride! The Trump Beast will leave no doubt



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