Thursday, May 05, 2011

Memory Muscle Love and experience

Not too many will read this until AFTER ........ Perfect

Last night I was dreaming about the Learning Muscle and how much of our experience is learned in the muscles. A lot of how to write is stored in the muscles of the hands. A lot of how to dance is stored in the muscles of the body. A lot of the memory of making love is..... well You know where I am going with this.

Romance and the muscle. Then I dreamed of a muscle that had lost it's job of doing and now only holds what it experiences. It is called the brain. If You hit a muscle it retains the memory of that hit, or if the back goes out the muscle may try to remember where it was but with the vertebrae out it may not be good to remember, it may be better to go with the new position.

The brain also can take a hit and the memory of that hit will come out in the words. Sort of like Luna is mad at me about right now.
Now I have found something that resides outside the flesh that does not remember the hits and the scrapes and when we focus on it rather than on the memory of the hits we can use it to transform the flesh. Spirit

A man learns from the Spirit, a woman does too but she is also designed to take on the veil of the one that she loves/connects with. This is how the snake took over women and controls human reality through interpretation. This is why the forums are so intolerant, and I am banned from most of them. But in the future after all this passes a woman will cling to a man and like in reality now I have noticed that she takes on the man's belief because she loves him. She learns from the Spirit as well, but from where she comes from LOVE (mutual intent through the Spirit) will make the two dreams one.

Now for the rebuttal to those women that RUN the forums and always make me out to be whatever they decide I am and the woman that lies is Barabus set free. They have no idea the depth of the lie that they follow in this woman. But women will defend women without evidence and condemn the man.

Luna, just wanted to say sterilized by the user not by You. I meant that a lot of the posts were changed after I had copied them and I meant by another user in theirposts. I have been posting for about ten years and I got angry because of how so many defend women and offend the Spirit even when they know a woman is lying. It is because of not being able to trust humans (men included) that I spent so many years alone. A recent deceitful intention by another poster took me back to that pain and the synchs also showed that it was the time that the tables are to turn against those that deceitfully use the words written as scripture against the Spirit. It is this experience of being deceitfully used that the Spirit was speaking of through Jesus, therefore all in religion that do not know the Spirit have been setup and caught in a net. This was the poetry of the Alabama storms in my synchs. For those that hate me take my words and use them against me, (such as a woman that I knew who only used the law to take what I had, poetry of what they wanted religion for. first You must bind the strong man and then You can plunder his house) this is religion. And the whole world has followed their interpretation which is a lie. I appreciate Your intentions toward me in the past.

The hearts breaking experience has to do with those that have given their lives to knowing the Spirit not to those that standby and get their heart broken because of seeing the pain of this life. These suffer meaninglessly.

It is one thing to misunderstand the Spirit and a man, it is another thing to intentionally misunderstand and deceitfully use that intention against him as those whoTRULY HATE THE SPIRIT which is related to a MAN. I need to return to the wilderness and let the waters of the Spirit flow over me and soothe me as I do not want to hold anger against anyone. Thanks again for this board and for Yourself and the rest of the board members here. Pam was also hurt by attempts to use her against me as she knows the intentional misunderstanding that existed.

Rev 18 reveals the misunderstanding of what is meant when I say Her, Woman, Women. I also have posted that You must not interpret what I say, but go first to the Spirit to ask "the true intentions of the heart".

Having never known the Spirit, those that hate me misinterpret my words against me as they did the scripture. They do this for the benefit of others on the web site that also hate me. Like if I took the letters MRS Medical Research Services and wanted to change it's meaning to Mrs. Which would mean a married woman. In this manner those that want to believe a lie would accept it. The words of Jesus given by the Spirit were given to those that would steal them and femenise their meaning to what we have today, the abomination of interpretation which leads to desolation. When the original interpretation was given to men not women and is known by the humiliation of a man trying to lift the veil to one he loves.


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