Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ominous Events Coming Synchs

Ominous Synchs
Been having these synchs related to Ominous events and then Pam and I heard Coast to Coast spelling out similar events and using the word OMINOUS over and over.

Paul Eno shares a short video clip with us, recorded during one of their paranormal investigations. It depicts something moving from a tree that a young boy said was the home of his "invisible friend."

Posted may 10th

Related synch
The names "Frank and Tony" have always been a "thing" in my life related to certain friends I have. Now in the audio from Coast to Coast they indicated the name Tony as the "friend" in the parallel dimension and then the next day we watched "Married to the Mob" which also had the name "Frank and Tony". In the audio from Coast to Coast these beings fed on the negativity and lies and haunted some people. Since I do not intend any ill toward my enemies but after a hit I give the pain up to the Spirit to take care of it. Usually it is not my intentions but the cruel intentions of those attacking me that have no place to dwell in my reality and return to the cruel intender. Making it themselves drawing their own pain back to them. Therefore it is not my judgement but them JUDGING THEMSELVES because they did not listen to the Spirit but rather the PRESUMPTUOUS TRYING TO MAKE APPEARANCES TO THE OTHER PRESUMPTUOUS (women on prophecies and other forums) THAT THEY WANT TO IMPRESS BY attacking me. So they draw their own punishment according to their own beliefs and their own intentions to punish me even so they lie like on prophecies because they knew I was leaving so they wanted to utterly destroy all belief about the Spirit through me so that others will not continue in the Spirit.

Another Related post
In that audio from Coast to Coast they were also talking about hearing voices and that they were not audio rather translated intentions coming from within which which were translated to words through the person's matrix.

This hearing voices synch came on the radio a few more times and then also in this show we are watching right now.
"My Own Love Song"


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