Monday, April 01, 2013

Thunder and Lightning at the Crucifixion

Just before Good Friday I was being betrayed by those seeking to discredit the SPIRIT through me and had posted about this on the forums and left as the storm is on it's way that will REACH HEARTS much better than words. I had told Pam about the experience and the STORM/THUNDER related to the moment of crucifixion. Then we began to have the thunder synchs starting with a cloud that seemed to be conscious moving over Big Sur. 

The next synch with this happened Saturday where the THUNDER came through and there was not break to the sound or the lightning. 

Then I was invited over the weekend to a THUNDER Ice Hockey Game and the billboard stopped at 11:11 

Number 44 "Tod" ended up in a lot of fights in the ice hockey game.

Now the experience I have had with reaching loved ones is
I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I but Christ lives through me.

When I first went through this experience the trauma/betrayal/hurt and lightning/anger of the experience taught me to stay focused on synchs with SPIRIT was so powerful that I could not stay in the pain and anger of rejection and manipulation long without it taking a toll on my health so I placed my focus fully on the sanctuary and synchs with YOU/SPIRIT and a tree grew that spelled out what I knew from SPIRIT in my heart and how YOU would accomplish what it is impossible for humans in flesh to do.

Therefore there is coming a STORM/YOU AND I COLLIDE/TRIBULATION that will reach all men to the heart and they will see the veil over their eyes that they did not get from the SPIRIT and will leave interpretations and leaders that only lead astray without SPIRIT,  and men will cling to the SPIRIT that they might live. And a man's foes will be those that love the veil more than they love him in his own family.  Get Ready for the Wild Ride!!!!

Thunder and lightning on Mt. Whitney



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