Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Passover fear and those that would manipulate to cover their shame

Let you know what I do as I have gone though so much of this kind of manipulation by those that are looking for someone to crucify and cover their shame. So "IN MY EXPERIENCE" with learning to trust life. 

Whenever something "heartstopping" like this happens I do what I did when the SPIRIT first saved me from hell. 

I died to it. I did not react. I let it "passover" me. And in dying to it, I did not even look at it because YOU know the true intentions of my heart and those pulling this crap and so I am just going to get in a wonderful place with YOU/SPIRIT and in that place, nothing can hurt me. In that sanctuary I hear only how YOU ARE ABLE to MAKE IT RIGHT! I DO NOT put any energy toward the problem or even a thought because YOU are my thoughts. 

You see the god of this world "snake" and those that listen to their crap (because of love for YOU/SPIRIT I intend to fulfill their desires) believe they knew better by taking away all the bears and tigers and spiders and everything that would cause fear to their constituents and in doing so they have placed themselves in the seat of god. (They have overlooked the smallest of points) Anytime the fearful and unbelieving have a grievance caused by a fear they fix it by doing away with whatever it is that they don't understand. When actually those things were here to rid this SANCTUARY of LOVE from fear. And those that seek SPIRIT learn to walk in perfect peace even when put in a pit of fearful and dangerous creatures. For though the bears are fenced the very worst beasts are now free to roar and feel powerful. I tell You if You will not react (agree with the fearful spirit) and turn to hear only SPIRIT this is the door to salvation in every moment. The fearful and unbelieving will respond in fear to what I say but the greatest beast is the most fearful of creatures. They are lawless and trained in "intentional misunderstanding" in order to control their fears and will find some reason to crucify the next person for their own shame. So forget them and watch as the SPIRIT reveals the smallest of points overlooked. Oh, and I would trust SPIRIT also to reach my own child as excessive reprimand leads to the fearful masses punishing each other. If we had not removed all the fears and "WILDER-NESS" Those fearful masses would not be in charge, but rather they would huddle behind someone with true intent of heart and learn to trust SPIRIT, which is the original intention of the heart and respect due SPIRIT. The meaning of true love is revealed through such mutual attention to SPIRIT.

Those self appointed that love to judge and have destroyed "WILDER-NESS" will not allow the tree to remain even though some find nourishment in it's fruit. They only allow what they deem as food and reject the manna of SPIRIT. Manna= daily nourishment of the soul that only comes from SPIRIT.

The power of dying and just letting it pass over YOU, then see how it was not as You feared and remember the next time of passover. I have a great post about the power of passover and trust but those that knew better cut that tree down several times. I will find a copy and repost on my site.


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