Thursday, March 17, 2016

I am in Clover

Everything I need surrounds me like a cow in clover

YOU are my LUCK

Being St. Patrick's Day and wanting to say what is misunderstood most about what is important in life I selected my St Patrick's day post from Pismo Beach to do it.

In all circles such as religion and politics I see the emphasis on what modern humans think is important and that is facts and knowledge. Everyone believing their experience and knowledge gives them the edge over everyone else. 

But, I have found that it is 

The Sound of Grace that saves
-          Not the Knowledge
In the same way that knowing Dogma cannot benefit
-    Except you hear the music and dance with it
-        To be out of step is to miss the call

St. Patrick's Day Post
Amazing Grace


So the fact that so many are following this and that leader or knowledge or belief without actually hearing the music of SPIRIT and dancing to it means that the whole world has followed a lie and that by following leaders they will be put one against the other so as to destroy both sides. 

Therefore, Everyone has followed a lie and even now their passion and anger from whichever lie possesses them is leading them to greater and greater folly. They think this or that rightness will save them but actually it is leading to the opposite.

Leave the Struggle and learn to hear only the music of SPIRIT


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