Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Political Theater, Manipulation, And this is the Wild Ride!

So this is exactly what I experienced in 93 and I am sure Moses experienced when he was thrown out of Egypt and Jesus when he spoke of his experience. Which means this is what humans and Government did through history to take the word from SPIRIT. Spirit saying through Jesus that they did the same thing to ME! It is impossible for such an energy to stop crime when it is crime. Therefore they will never succeed.

Political Theater

Signs and Wonders to Astound Many (Those blinded believing they are doing great!)
Staging the theatricals with no impediment to appear as though they are SMART and powerful.
Get ready for the Wild Ride!

Reagan and Theatrics

Now the pain and fact that there is no government on your side (nowhere to turn) there is only the SPIRIT which leads you through to seeing only SPIRIT toward overcoming. This is the purpose for those experiencing this now.

Prediction from my own experience with this that it will come out in the courts and it will be said.

"Never in the history of the United States has their been such manipulation and that this President used every trick and lie to manipulate to take what was not theirs to take." 

This will eventually be the reality but first there will be a fire that will reach to the heart!
I found it best to pay attention to the flowers on the side of road as you travel this road.
Jump for Joy because you get to experience this as predicted which leads to reaching you to the heart. Don't waste this Gift.

This is like a marriage where one side wants to take the assets, or like the Children having their inheritance stolen by those who take what they want and use the law in a manner not intended.

Forget the world, See only 
SPIRIT, let the pain wash away. That is the purpose of this.
And so I go away and leave the Struggle

News flash! Washington cut down the Cherry Tree today, Joy is now forbidden. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 


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