Sunday, March 12, 2017

Desolation synch and Bill Clinton's Warning


The former president said the “us vs. them” mentality is “taking us to the edge of our destruction.”

When the SPIRIT spoke foretelling this time, this seemed a long way off

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Everything is exactly on schedule for desolation (Americans Rejected SPIRIT)


Just take note as the storm is coming as in Syria, it will spread to all who love their interpretation.
A long time ago I wrote that when the "right people" on the right and the "right people" on the left begin to fight over who is right that it would "melt the veil" separating the two and leave those just hiding behind an interpretation with nowhere left to hide.
The storm that is coming will speak what words cannot say. Now there is a prediction for You. As in the last post see what it feels like when there is nowhere to hide from the heat of the sun. (syrian war refugees pbs) As I showed Pam the children waiting for bread in this film the toaster blew out the toast and it went flying. The storm is coming of shame and blame between YOU and I, us and them, east and west, islam and christian, husband and wife. Without the SPIRIT all will be torn and reached to the heart as in this film. The SPIRIT will reach those that remain to the heart and leaders will be hated because they speak without the SPIRIT.


seeing that desolation is assured the Spirit indicated that this was exactly what was expected and that now that it is assured that I am to also know that the desolation caused by the abomination of interpretation that is the deluding influence without the Spirit is now to be encouraged so that desolation is complete and that beast shall never rise.

 Anger synch growing and the Hulk  Nov 10th 2008

This does not effect us on this forum. (well it didn't.. edited in)This is an ongoing synch with anger that is building and that it will come out in a way that will spark something big. I want You to look at this HOT subject like the Spirit has me look at it. As a spark to REACH YOU, and the Poem about the 
Coming Fire so hot it will melt the veil separating You and I on this planet and leave those hiding behind religion with nowhere left to hide. http://www.stephentree.com/predict1.htm Originally posted in 2003 


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