Friday, January 26, 2018

Liberating and Redeeming those that remain

The purpose of what is going on is the passing away of the present world/fantasy liberating and redeeming those that remain into a larger world. This world of separation and shame for the son's of women is an idea of love that is only appearance but really a lie. The unveiled and uninhibited joy and passion of love is the door to miracles/magic, being at the place of agreement with SPIRIT. Therefore all love that is an interpretation is a covering for hate and misses the mark.

Those against SPIRIT, what they have been programmed to believe causes them to receive what they did not expect. Revealing their true intention of heart.

The Fantasy, the Masquerade synch and those using appearances to lift up themselves and condemn others. Yesterday we had this synch.

Let's explain what the unbelieving will not allow that demands shame for whom they really hate.

Freedom of Fantasy and how everything was created. Dreaming Unveiled and Uninhibited to "GOD"
When SHE/SPIRIT and I meet we know it is right
Dreaming in synch with SPIRIT.
But until it is right it is only a dream, there is no reason for anyone to fear or disallow what another desires as the SPIRIT will make everything perfect with only the one glove that fits the hand. Dreams are to be without shame, given to SPIRIT that YOU might join the two together. What the SPIRIT joins is not the snake or the woman's job to disallow. If there is something wrong with the dream, then SPIRIT will only lead into temptation in order to deliver you from evil/separation.

The accuser of the brethren is the one that wants to play but for devious reasons that they might after smiling change their tune when the $opportunity$ is there.

Now I know to synergise ONLY with those the SPIRIT leads as there are those who smile and dance with the intention to DESPITEFULLY USE.


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