Saturday, June 02, 2018

Passion, Obsession, and the how the SPIRIT jolts out of fear

Such a wonderful and powerful life Pam and I have shared with all the miracles and wonderful experiences we shared for so many years. She was in bad shape when we met with fears that clouded her mind and caused her to degrade. The passion and attention to SPIRIT and the lover jolted her out of that fear into a new life for many years. We are so blessed and thankful for what we have shared.
   Since coming to Tennessee we have had to develop a new way of jolting out of such thoughts and getting the freshness of the SPIRIT that is so very necessary to flow and synchs and we experienced along with family a series of unfortunate events that the SPIRIT took us through that have taught us a new way of directing our thoughts to jolt away from fears and downturns. I did not know what else to do because I was directed by SPIRIT towards an obsession with fantasy to capture the layers of my heart when I was being setup by someone who did not love me but was able to make others believe anything  and it looked like my life was over at that time. Back to the moment at hand let me say I have been eventful to hear from the SPIRIT in order to understand how to help Pam as she seemed to be listing closer to fear and confusion because of her MS and other medical problems that have developed since leaving California. It started the day before yesterday that I was praying that YOU give me what I need in this moment to help Pam. The next morning I was inundated with orders and work but had a series of unfortunate things happen that made me have to cancel three of the eight jobs I had that day. I let it roll off my back and decided to go for a walk and let my life unfold as I usually do. I decided to walk at the state park where the falls were closed because of rough water bu the trails were open which was just what I needed. Before walking I went to the store at the entrance to the park and got some chips and talked to the owner. As we talked music began to play the song Ob la di, ob-la-da, life goes on  and felt myself feeling like that after the events of the day. I then began to walk and remembered the strong intent the day before to understand why Pam was in such fear again. I realized it was the series of events that scared her like she had feared when I first met her about her downturns in health. But then I realized the way I had been taught by SPIRIT to let that roll over you like the storm and see how it turns out as it is never as we fear when the SPIRIT is involved. I began to remember the experiences used by SPIRIT to reach me and cause me to let go and how I intended in 1993 when I dreamed all this up related to Dutch and Trump and the way it relates to those using the law in a manner it was not intended against others unfairly. How it leads us to focus our hearts in another direction. How because of the experience I learned to focus my mind on the lover, the SPIRIT and passion of life and let go of the problem and trust SPIRIT and how that changed each thing as it is doing even now. Pam and I had such a passionate experience and I then knew to intend she be obsessed as we were in the beginning, in the springtime of our relationship so that such an obsession would jolt her away from the fear toward the feelings she wants. I did not even have to say anything as I knew not the words to say but circumstances like when we were in synch and in love in Mendocino came about to where she began to say the same thing today. Those that love their interpretations but really never knew what Jesus was ALLUDING TO when he spoke such as those ashamed of me and my words would be intentionally seemingly horrified to know the passion of the lover spoke of by such as Rumi had to do with what takes you away from fear and thoughts. No those who hate the SPIRIT also hate the passion of love and fantasy except to use it for financial gain and men who lie to women and make them believe they are right to be ashamed are hiding what they believe no one knows they feel and think lying like the snake in the tree to the woman.


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