Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Those that Judge a Mexican Man have judged themselves

I am not defending a person that kills a woman but telling you this to save your life by not misunderstanding or worse INTENTIONAL misunderstanding. Because both can get one or the other or both killed.
 Let me explain:This is just to look at what prejudice will not look at and how the law causes violence
Just a different point of view folks
So if a Mexican man who is an illegal alien is attracted to a woman, it would be much more wisdom to not threaten him to call those that would take his life away forever, (since he is illegal) and fear him but rather to not react so threatening but rather to quietly call the police for help, But if she reacts immediately in fear and escalating a situation prematurely so as to begin slapping and attacking because what has that person done but made a very threatening situation. You have to think before reacting because women that say things that threaten the very existence of a person by reacting out of fear probably had nothing to worry about had they just spoken calmly. But when they escalate immediately to make the illegal alien fear his existence they have created a situation where the man feels his "life" is threatened and tries to take the phone from her or something which in fear she sees as he is attacking me. But really he may have been trying to stop his life from being attacked once he realizes what her intent was. Every one is looking for justice against everyone but does not realize they are a perfect match of fear to create a situation where any bear or animal would instinctively do exactly what happened. I had a synchronicity about a year before Mollie disappeared about the situation and it is saying that she was in trouble not only because of the person who may have been very kind until their life was threatened. The secret she carried to her death may have been what could have changed the situation and revealed that anyone when their "existence" is so threatened would fight for their lives as both Mollie and this otherwise seemingly nice (lonely, rejected, judged,) man was.
Oh, I know what you believe that it is always the other person to blame,,, but I guarantee that Perfect Love is better than a bullet and reaches both involved to the heart and nobody is innocent, just terribly misunderstood. And many pay for what is hidden in the hearts of the fearful and unbelieving. I tell you, if you were to believe even in such an experience on the edge "a way would open up to deliver you from your fears". Now I intend that each person that laughs draw to themselves a situation that they "cannot get out of" and when My wave passes over you, you will be swept into wonder" in order to begin the process of reaching to the heart those that believe they can judge without knowing the true intentions of a man's heart or do not seek to understand the SPIRIT that I offer. May those that judge without heart be swept into such a situation as it has already been predicted.

What if judments have always been wrong and the problem is that those that judge are getting judged by the smallest of points overlooked,, because they love their interpretations more than they love illegal aliens or their neighbor? The end of presumption is exactly that.

Things escalate, shit happens as they say and now each of you will draw to yourselves such a situation that will make you question everything that you "BELIEVE" and the source of what you believe. So be it!


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