Monday, February 11, 2019

Joy Flow, Money, VS Manipulation lies shame blame and desolation

Joy Flow, Money, VS Manipulation lies shame blame and desolation
I would like to say that for many years we put forth the energy of joy, synergy and mutual intention but this was rejected and the interaction with those that reacted led to the predictions, storms, 
stock failures etc.

Forgetting the past and the manipulators and placing my attention on the SPIRIT and JOY I found that flow increases. But I found that where there is no joy and not even the fake smiles that tricked me into joy I find no matter how much I want to improve their lives I am powerless and the SPIRIT says that this is our country at this moment and this is why it was predicted. You can only smile and lie and manipulate and hide your true intent so long before, suddenly in one moment, even what you believed was yours is taken from you. This is where we are heading and it is not only Trump's fault as he is the symptom to what hides in the hearts of so many on both sides. You don't understand what the synchs have been saying and intentionally misunderstand but the point of no return is upon us and the crying land is when both sides realize that if one side hides their true intent both sides fall down. I often liken it to the Jack and Jill song because the two sides of any democracy whether it is  God and Man or Man and Woman or Democrats and Republicans, if there is not love and true intention of heart then both sides will fall. 

I no longer care who feels they are right because both are wrong, this is the reason for desolation, prepare to have your heart broken as that is the only way to reach those that remain.

True intention of heart uses the experience to reach one to the heart and teach them to let go of the world and pay attention to SPIRIT/LIFE. The life where there was no Joy and Love but only separation continuously is washed away by attention to SPIRIT. Even if I wanted to help those across the CHASM of separation, to even look at it the years of "no joy" but only manipulation and separation leads to an inability to create flow in that direction. 

JOY and attention to SPIRIT leads to redemption of both sides

Often the blaming side is using their own interpretation of good and evil and thus shame and blame but do not realize that reality does not judge those they judge that way but by what that other person's connection with SPIRIT and therefore beliefs are. If the other side believes the same then they can destroy each other. They are not judged on their interpretation because a person with true intention of heart toward SPIRIT is judged by no man not even GOD

Those who love the taste of the tree of good and evil love shame and blame but the law was created for them because they demand it not to be used against others. Those who judge according to their own interpretation and do not have "true love" are those that will be judged by their own interpretations.

But he that is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is judged of no man/WOMAN

This is why religion never knew me, because they use shame and blame and never knew the SPIRIT because they secretly know the SPIRIT also does not agree with their interpretation.

In fact those that use the law in a manner it was not intended and love shame and blame and punishment are creating their own punishment

 The blood of billions slain by such that love shame and blame, they are given authority over all those that use it and even the accusers  without knowing the SPIRIT and will tell these to get off this planet!

This is why SEPARATION leads to death
Attention to SPIRIT and not MONEY
This is why money leads to death
This is the root of all evil
The birds do not toil, yet the SPIRIT gives to each of them
But the haters, who love shame and blame, and the money manipulators like women and politicians that make an oath for the purpose of shaming and using the law in a manner it was not intended
Even what they believe they possess will be taken from them.

Some have prayed to understand "why", therefore I wrote what the SPIRIT gave me to write
Breakup synch  and why continued last night with
Russian Doll on Netflix
How bad can it get
I have been feeling that something is about to change with Trump and an ending of sorts
But then the second beast will be worse and will enliven Trump's base of hate and self right separation after their shame. After their shame they will cover themselves with a new interpretation (Not from God) in order to make themselves right
But they will fail without SPIRIT and bring the abomination of interpretation
But they all have been caught in a net
JOY and LOVE through ATTENTION  to SPIRIT is the only hope for those that remain
after the whore that says she knows the Jesus gets done.

Pam and I are looking for some help to travel to fresh places and work on what can be done about the situation with what is coming. We would like to be sponsored and travel as we did in California. 


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