Thursday, May 16, 2019

The end of presumption and even what they believe they possess will be taken from them

Tonight was about all that humans will loose because they cannot be reached and reject
SPIRIT. I have said that in my experience with SPIRIT through synchronicity that it is my experience that anything can be done through SPIRIT even related to technology and what is possible. But it seems that humans have rejected this and I can see where even what they believe they posses in the way of knowledge will be taken from them because they cannot go on without SPIRIT and they will never accept what they do not understand and their presumption is causing desolation. It is hard to believe that all this is true that has been revealed through SPIRIT but it is. And because humans will not accept it their hearts will be broken when they see that they cannot keep what they believe they possess. What is going to happen will reveal the presumption. It is heart breaking to think about what is developing. The separation from SPIRIT is the reason. You have chosen a liar and a thief over the SPIRIT and when you realize this it will be too late as you were shown that you were drawing all this to yourself. Like the thief that comes at an hour you are not prepared so it is.


We had a wonderful experience with a nest of baby birds in my storeroom and coincidentally I was there for each stage including the moment the babies were fledglings that flew for the first time. This feels related to the doves we had come to us as pets.


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