Monday, August 31, 2020

Lone Wolf

So this is strange I watched Lone Wolf 902 and really enjoyed the scenery and the sanctuary they were in I could have had some wonderful experiences there. And I thought, Lone Wolf and 902 hey just put a line right after the 9 and whalah Sept 02. Now watching that video was pretty coincidental.

And then I see these wars coming and how Trump is kneeling on necks by saying they are arresting people in different cities that are protesting and Whalah we are now living in such a place as North Korea where it is no longer America and you better not fight him or you might have your rights manipulated. Well it is a better idea to just wait and believe the SPIRIT will work this out and give us the answer that will be needed soon that has been overlooked by those that love their interpretaiton about their ... brain And I would love your neigbor and cooperate in love if Trump wins as he has to take the blame and is going to have a lot on him. We don't have to worship the mega maniac but I would let the vengence be the SPIRIT's let's put it that way. Trying did not help the democrats,,, so if Trump is doing whatever you need to just pay attention to the SPIRIT in your own life if you don't trust him (Trump) and let life take care of them as the predictions have shown.


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