Friday, August 14, 2020


Rain, Madonna
Waiting is the hardest thing, I tell myself, if I believe in "YOU", in the dream of "YOU" 

There will come a time when your heart will be reached

So we are waiting for the SPIRIT to reveal to you what this moment is about as you "My Countrymen" were put in this pickle in order to reach you to the heart. The growing tree of synchs reveal the true intentions of the heart.

Life uses the presumptions of those that interpret scripture to reveal the SPIRIT in those that can hear. Because the presumptuous thought that "interpreting"  scripture was the path, when it is the simplicity of coming to know the SPIRIT.

For this was my path also,
I believe "nothing" except that "YOU" died to show the path to knowing the SPIRIT, (that was the message of Jesus) sure the poetry of being baptized in the words of someone with true intent to know the SPIRIT but until this fire is kindled in you to hear, you really have not begun. (been born of the SPIRIT) Do not presume to judge others as they may not have this veil of interpretation over their eyes that was given you by those that never knew the SPIRIT.

But I tell you, everyone is on the path, even if their heart has not been reached yet. When your heart has been reached, you hear the SPIRIT in your moments. The way you hear will differ from every other god.

All religion is presumption without the SPIRIT

The preacher and lawyer (or president) have taken my bride/life, and by their view she is made to abide, is this the reason that I died? It's love across time, get ready for the ride,,,, this is my passion play!

Presumption is believing a leader (such as Donald Trump) is only lying to your apponents and not to you. That their real motives are as they say when everything they do seems to be a lie.

SPIRIT, Let go of the veil of interpretation, given you, by those that never knew me.

Because they chose to reject the SPIRIT and made their god an idol of interpretation and agreed among each other as to what is right but not one did as Jesus did which was to live by every word that the SPIRIT gives to you and allow the SPIRIT to lead you into truth, (Jesus intended to catch you in a net) therefore, these are all caught in a net for their own good. Follow the SPIRIT as Jesus did, and experience the humiliation of the cross which is that you put yourself there in order motivate you to ask the SPIRIT,,,, Father, why have you forsaken me.... You are not forsaken, but if you do not respond properly what you draw to yourself will not help you either. Someone that interprets but rejects the SPIRIT is as

"Very truly I tell you Pharisees, anyone who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber.

Let go of the veil of interpretation given you by those who decided what is right but never knew the SPIRIT, as the SPIRIT is the word in the moment that you need. And if you judge them without that word then have you not only judged yourself?

The SPIRIT has many ways of reaching those that need the right information in the right moment, but this is given to those that have a veil of interpretation over their eyes called religion, and especially Christianity. You don't remember, but in your dna, you chose to live alone and hide behind a veil of interpretation and flesh believing you knew better, you rejected the SPIRIT because you listened to a snake.. this is the poetry of the garden.

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