Friday, July 31, 2020

Water Understanding SPIRIT guiding image

Water as Understanding and flowing water or your moments is the power of the SPIRIT to lead you into all truth. Your intention to reach for truth through synchronicity with your moments begins the water flowing, your attention and love grows the tree. Everything around you responds to your intention to know truth because "YOU/SPIRIT are all things"

Let me give you an image of the poetry of water as understanding and that we must be guided by the SPIRIT.

The story of Moses and the red sea being divided so that they could walk through but those that were persuing them were swallowed up by the waters.

So I had the image of the walk through the divided waters as the word Egypt means Coptic Land or writing and how those that follow the "SPIRIT in moment" are led through all the understanding by the SPIRIT and therefore all understanding is good when it is guided by the SPIRIT. But those that love a lie and information that only leads to division are like the Egyptions that persued these in that they get swallowed up by all the information as it is not given them in the moment by SPIRIT.

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