Friday, June 24, 2005

As the spirit begins to increase through synchronicities in my family I must decrease until there is only YOU. For this reason I must go away that you might see only the spirit.

And when the world looks upon what they have done to their children many will wish the mountains would fall on them and he that did not open his mouth to teach his children what the world had to offer will finally be understood.

Recent post to Predictions Website:
Yes those words, those noizy bunch of misconceptions, knowing YOU, my life brings silence and awe. And seeing YOU in anothers knowing. I like that Palehorse, did you watch Stripes? I will open the gate to your love. I just had the image of all the clammering at the gate as religion. Recognition of the light in your eyes, I went back and read some of your writings Palehorse, and found much that I wish to pass on to some friends that need your insight. In particular I know a "Give away turkey" that can benefit from your understanding in the thread about Empaths. Also, I would like to use the following words FROM Spirit and refer to you in my writing? Palehorse wrote: "2000 years ago, Jesus "rent the veil" separating God from man... and ever since, man has been trying his damnedest to patch it back up again. Once that fire blazes and the veil is burned away, there won't be anything left to mend. Let it be done!" Love through the Spirit_________________The smallest of points overlooked by the right people will soon altar entirely the largest of equations and render all the interpretations meaningless. http://stephentree.com

June and July and August, Happy Birthday to Sarah, Raine, Paul Jr.