Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dying to let go of American Shame for money, and Palin

Well I feel done with this whole thing about reaching You.

Micheal Jackson was Born the same year as I was and on my son's birth day. August 29
Billy Mays was born the same year and the day after my birth day on July 20th.

Michael could not live in a world of women and the men who suckle their fears trying to shame him for money and left before what is coming for society which will be a good thing to miss if You have already suffered the sting of death and loss to understand the Spirit. Let's see how effective a mother's protection (see mother's protection post) out of fear is for her daughter like Palin. Self right need to have everything that is important to them taken from them like the Father of this world has.
See Stockman come and he take it all away.

Sucks to be an American Man right now.The way men are treated by self right females taught by their mothers. How it could just all pass away. American women love shame for money (the harlot) Let the universe give them all the shame they wanted to give others. Many leaving the struggle through death in coming weeks. Going to be alone with the Spirit and the company of my friend Pam as what is coming passes over. (SEE LEAVING THE STRUGGLE) Catch Yall on the flip side. I didn't want to be back with You folks, as that would just be a misunderstanding, I just intended to reach You.


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