Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Synch with heart attacks been having for months

Part of this is from a post on www.speakreason.com forum

I now feel that I was overlooking something that could have turned into something wonderful as a synch because I feared it.

The synchs with the heart attack started months ago but I did not want to allow it so I did not post it. Turns out that I "MISUNDERSTOOD" this time and that by posting it and acknowledging it the synchs can move to change the energy to more like 'YOU". So I am posting it now. Also I met a 70 yr old Indian who was beating all the young guys running up hills by the coast. He also was talking about his son running world class marathon's. I am a long distance walker but being a fixture in a home with Pam has sort of curtailed that so that I need more strength exercise now and so I am having these teachers come. Many things are changing like the fact that I created rituals to keep certain things in my life as I went through the experience of reaching You/family etc. But rituals like religion grow old like a coat with holes in it and if You do not create new rituals all the time and even replace ones that are beginning to cause dis-----ease by looking in this moment for a new action to complement what is growing now and replace old systems related to my past intentions. I don't know if You know what I mean but I am letting go of single man rituals and passions to embrace simple pleasures as Pam and I are getting older.

Other synchs: Listening to AM coast to coast they were talking many subjects but got on the sunspot subject as I drove at night through the little town of Firebaugh,ca. on the way to Morro Bay. From the moment I entered Firebaugh they began using the word fireball and this continued until they changed the subject as I left Firebaugh. Later I was in a Mexican restraunt in Atascadero and began to think about the fireball synch. I began to look around to see what I was feeling in that room about the synch and there was this big picture showing C0RONA beer in a way that made me realize... Corona.

Michael Jackson was seeking to understand the heart and was humiliated by those that disgraced him. He needed to return but was hiding the pain in medications. As the moment drew close he chose to leave because it was too much. Those that humiliated him would have bore the shame if they knew the true intentions of his heart. He died in their place as all do that experience the humiliation of learning from the heart and try to understand why a man feels the way he feels.

Excited about seeing "You" Raine and PJ and Grandpa in Pensacola

I Want "Your" ankle to feel as good as new...

My synchs with Sarah Palin and Willow began a couple weeks ago that led to my daughter's change of heart and powerful experience at the very moment Willow Alaska had an earthquake and also led to being misunderstood again by the gals on Oro and then it changed again. Oh, well, going to see kids and dad now.

Sarah Palin intending to rise again, bounceback synch. Woman on his head synch as bad for America but the right wants this. Like an unloving marriage where she intends to make him fail. He will fail and this will be their failure as well as only through dreaming it perfect with the Spirit can it work. This also shows how we will "do it" with the Spirit, because "You are able". These people are the finest in keeping the law and appearances but it cannot last and they will fail because all that matters is love of the Spirit which leads to the Spirit being able to rescue You. But these that try and seem perfect through their own power must fail and turn to knowing how the Spirit works through You. Sarah Palin and Obama must fail and feel the humiliation of trying in their own power in order to begin not trying but allowing the Spirit to "do it". Both of these are sincere in trying to appear the very best and even sincere in serving God and the cross is failing when trying to DO YOUR BEST and dying to that intent and living to the Spirit doing it through You. It is a humiliating route.


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