Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Giving Tree

Then next dream I had was how the Spirit would STEAL both the technology and the workers to create the tree that sets all humans free. I mean the owners died because of the great changes that was a house cleaning to the earth and those that remained that were of the interpretation chose to lay down their lives not for pay but for the love of humans to produce the very small amount of food and necessities that each human needed to set them free to create and do what the Spirit wanted to do through them.

We have the technology to make us FREE.

And through the Tree and the Spirit to UPHOLD it/ Sanctify it.

If You love them then lay down Your lives You broken hearted and set them free.

ThankYou very much but the Spirit will take use of technology and through mutual intent with Spirit and humans we Love and Uphold all mankind.

I so loved that book didn't You?

Just to add, that when I dreamed my reality and the Spirit set me free as my labor is much less now than my dreaming and there are enough jobs so that all may be set free of much of the work time by sharing work. I see this possible even before the shift and before money is crammed up money and the harlot's ass. Because she loves her master and the government that provides her excuse more than she loves her husband. For 7000 yrs men have had blame shoved upon them but this is to end and the snake that teaches her she against men she will turn against if she is to live.

Oh, I hear You RainMusic
Many on Prophecies.us and Oroborus.us as well as Speakreason are drunk with the wine of her lies. They accept any lie that will discredit the Spirit and when they hate You nothing You say can be right. Therefore Religion and the interpretation known as Relationship always ends in desolation. Remember 66ad and what happens to a nation that interprets the Torah without the Spirit for the letter leads to death.


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