Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Prophecies and the Woman's misconception of LOVE

View on the Way Back from Mammoth

Traveling on 395 to Mammoth the synch with the fatal misunderstanding of what love is by those that hate the Spirit (presumptuous women) they have no idea YET but their contrived love which is all about APPEARANCE will not save their firstborn. True love STARTS with the love of the SPIRIT, which those that do not know the SPIRIT have not begun to understand. The WORDS of Jesus they misunderstood and thought that that love spoken of by Jesus had nothing to do with Contrived Love. HERE IS THE SMALLEST OF POINTS OVERLOOKED. (SEE AUTHORITY OF THE SON)

As we traveled listening to Cindi Lauper the passion to reach my own came back in a poem related to the Authority of the Son and the ORDEAL that the Presumptuous are drawing particularly in the forum where they Offended the Spirit. I had synchs about how the Spirit would deal with these that believe they have enjoyed a POWER PLAY ( LINK TO THEIR POST WHERE MistyRain and Kelly ENJOYED THEIR MISUSE OF THE FORUM) Anyway a song came on while at Topaz lake where the Spirit came to soothe me If You want to know what love is just remember those things I whispered in your ear. And immediately I remembered the Lovedrunk poem about Love came and said “be silent” I will wisper secrets in your ear just nod and this of course was the memory of YOU and I in those years alone while all others rejected me because of my intention toward YOU that YOU did not reject me and that THIS is love not the interpretation that MistyRain wanted those in Prophecies to believe after they banned me she felt free to post ridicule and to presumptuously say what Jesus love was while she never knew the Spirit. Not knowing how her plight will reach the hearts of My Own soon says the Spirit.

Again the synchs were about the red and today as we drove the color was of the Red Restaurant logo and the beats and cherries

And the poem that the Spirit spoke through me so long ago about this life

I am HE Victory, driving his chariot along the edge of life and death

They are SHE, the horses, they run as one Spirit and the Crack of my Whip only excites her.


Synchs with Drops Dead and can a woman that hates the Spirit that is man or a mother's contrived love keep her son from Dropping Dead? We do not return evil for evil, we reveal what You You draw to Yourself.

Synch with mother's milk and the suckling child and what is to come. They would never trust government and money if they knew.

The lamb lured the presumptuous to the lion which is in one accord with the lamb.

Many videos and synchs with Cindy Lauper "Waiting for a change of heart"






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