Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture, Peace,,, I have left the Struggle May 21st

Sanctuary is a place to go to be ALONE with the Spirit. I have said it before that if a man (I) do not get time in PEACE to hear the Spirit then I am the least/idiot among men, but with the Spirit I can do ALL things. To not let a man leave the struggle and find peace is the same thing as making that man into what You hate. Because I could not reach Her I left the struggle/forums. They of course blame me after I said I was banning myself those that truly hated me wanted "the judgement" of me as in all relationship. (this needs to be taught to boys) As John 5 says, God does not Judge us but she thinks she can at the end of relationship or if You leave the struggle because You cannot reach her. Her interpretation is the one the world hears, but if they only knew.

Drunk on the wine of that Woman/human interaction with those that never knew the poetry even well they were given a reason to hate me even after 10 yrs of hearing the synchs show it is always what You have overlooked.


It is better to live outside the house than in a house with a contemptuous woman.

To dwell in YOUR Sanctuary is where I find my strength, if a woman requires all Your time You can never dwell in such a place. I need to be in wilderness but the interpretation is an expensive home.

Home is YOUR SANCTUARY and peace is it's signature, but to live with a veiled woman is constant strife. She loves the world and government and interpretations that did not come from the Spirit and there is no peace in that house. That house is not a home. American Women Your husband is whom You turn to when Your beast of burden does not obey You. But in the end only love will save You.

Without Peace the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head. He becomes exactly what You believe. This is America and men without knowing the Spirit.

The broken heart of those that remain will be to them a new law and love through knowing the Spirit will be their new direction.

To be on his head to influence him robs him of his inheritance which is the Spirit. (at this moment the dove keeps trying to land on my head) Rather go to the closet and speak to the Spirit that he might know You.

The Spirit indicated today about those seeking a King

I do not want to be Your King
Nor Your Law
Nor Your Leader
Nor Your Messiah
Nor Your Property
I want to be Your friend

If you need these things then You have a heart of stone and You cannot go beyond the impassable point on this planet.

The women of the forums do not understand Your love for Your Own for even if two billion that will not hear it fall it will be love to reach YOUR OWN. For even Jesus spoke harshly to the Pharisees those liars and interpretors, how much more will this batch of liars misunderstand the love of Jesus. For all of them were destroyed soon after because they loved interpretation more than they loved each other. Prophecies.us Oroborus forum, speakreason
Have seen for 10yrs how they were wrong to interpret a post but it was just revealing their hearts so that My Own can see what it will be to follow the Spirit. When I said I was leaving/banning myself that was not good enough for those that hated me and the Spirit they had to utterly destroy me in their compadres eyes as they knew I would not return and reveal what was overlooked. History will reveal them as stupid!

For the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does. Yes, and he will show him even greater works than these, so that you will be amazed.21 For just as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, even so the Son gives life to whom he is pleased to give it. 22 Moreover, the Father judges no one, but has entrusted all judgment to the Son, 23 that all may honor the Son just as they honor the Father. Whoever does not honor the Son does not honor the Father, who sent him.
A man/Spirit can move mountains but if he does one thing that a women/human misunderstands he is rejected by a court of Her Peers. And even if he proves her wrong she still rejects him because of her shame. Too bad she does not know she also will be rejected on that day.
You misunderstand,
I am fascinated by technology and look forward to how the Spirit uses it. It is a terrible thing to loose everything but that is how it is when You start with the wrong foundation.


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