Saturday, May 21, 2011

YOU and I collide and August

The synchs about this August from the 2nd to the 29th and even into sept are very Ominous now.

The internet post date does not lie, put this javascript into the address bar and see the date last changed





Hurricane Katrina happened about the anniversary of my father's death and this date is related to coming storm in August 29th,between humans.
This picture was posted a year before the hurricane
Check the date it is Sept 28th 2004 exactly 11 months before the date of the Storm.

August 2011 comes an event/storm that will change everything on these forums. You may misunderstand me, (on purpose) but DO NOT misunderstand (none will escape, nor humiliate) the Spirit when it begins SPEAKING through the coming events.

Time is Short for those that hate the Wildhearted Spirit that is man and nature.

Those that hated the Spirit and Me on Prophecies and Oroborus I cannot reach them but I post this here as Time is Short and then You will see what You would not accept.


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