Saturday, July 09, 2011

  • My Post in response to the

    Anger over Casey Anthony verdict pours out online

    They cry "Kill Her, Kill Her" not even knowing the True Intention of the heart of the person, yet even if it were an accident they would want her killed. You know why? Because these are the same that said Crucify Him, Crucify Him and are responsible for the Blood of Billions slain by the foundation of the earth because the government (Pilot) listens to them and is fearful if they do not head this mob then what will happen. Well the Smallest of points overlooked by the Presumputous Snake (preacher, leader) that interprets life for them instead of them going to the Spirit, Oh, and the Women of course that LOVE that LIE more than they love YOU or I. Well if they had gone in through the door of the Spirit of how Jesus was humiliated and rejected and denied by such as these then they would realise that he GAVE THEM WHAT THEY DEMANDED BECAUSE HE KNEW THEY WOULD BE THAT SELF RIGHTIOUS and then he turned to those that would follow the Spirit and told them that these same would KILL YOU, and cast YOU OUT and Humiliate You in their courts. Just as it all is now. That is what the bible is about, not the self rightious interpretation they did not get from the Spirit but they demand the whole world whorship. Time is Short and many have tried to reach them but You cannot reach the snake and the hoards of women that give that beast power because of interpretation without the Spirit. NO, therefore Jesus said that it leads to DESOLATION,,, which is upon the world shortly and that only those that entered in through the narrow gate of the Spirit and not the wide gate of interpretation which is all RELIGION. Get Ready For the Wild Ride!!!

    The Coming Fire,,,, so HOT!!! It will melt the veil of interpretation separating YOU and I on this planet and render all the interpretations meaningless if an individual did not get their interpretation from Spirit.

    Enter in through the narrow GATE, the way HE experienced it. Do not enter in through the wide GATE of INTERPRETATIONS OF MEN. This is the smallest of points OVERLOOKED.


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