Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Thorn on the Way to the Rose

The Passion of a Man is ALWAYS misunderstood by Women (You never knew ME!)
A man can be successful in business, support a family, understand the Spirit so as to predict human events in a manner that is perfect because of the Spirit that works through him. He may invent what others have never even considered and be all things to all men but if secretly he is feared, hated or worse envied by one woman (usually this is the one that shares bread at his table) out of a group of hundreds then just like in a relationship with a woman he will always be brought down in the eyes of all those world through a process related to the trial of Jesus Christ. This is also the problem with humans as to why they as a species are already dead. So that none that do not do the bidding of the fearful masses can attain to reach or communicate with humans. So everything that is sanctioned by humans will be sterilized by the fearful immune system of the masses. The truth is like a rose that lives within the tree that the fearful cannot reach because of the thorn. A woman is created perfectly to nurture life and a man is created to create through passion what is to be loved and nurtured. The misunderstanding of humans is that the left brain believes things that are not true. Like that women and men are created equal. A woman by nature is very adept at nurturing, while a man is adept at developing a new way or or as in the poetry of the Israelie people "First, I go to prepare a place (and myself) for You, that where I am You also may exist. This creative element of men is held in great esteem among men while the nurturing aspects of Women are held in esteem by women. The problem with human judgement of men is that these aspects of humans are misinterpreted. The present system of human society cannot be sustained in like manner to the economy for the fearful use the lowest aspects of men to manipulate and control men.

When you initiate a civil or criminal action you begin by filing a "complaint." It should be unnecessary for me to point out what segment of society is more given to complaining, for to file a complaint is to attempt to get another to act for you - self directed individuals prefer to handle matters for themselves. It would be absurd to say that men have an equal right to complain along with women, for even while ignoring the discriminatory legal system that targets male behavior, for a man to complain he must emasculate himself, he must destroy that which is most essential to his personality and very being, he must become dependent on others and not on himself. If I may exaggerate to make my point, what if it were required that in order to initiate a complaint you were required to get down on your hands and knees and kiss the local District Attorney on his or her big toe. Is it not obvious that such a practice would serve to put all the lowest elements of society in control, while all the better ones withdraw in disgust? It should be easier now to see who would be the natural allies - or tools, of women, and that would be weak and corrupt men. The weak ones cannot resist the demands of women, while the corrupt ones willingly sell their brothers into slavery if they can get their 30 pieces of silver. –Thomas Pollack

A woman that goes to the snake to control whom she says she loves is the reason that humans will be destroyed in this generation. This process of being rejected and denied through the work of one woman using the fears and misunderstanding of the masses of women and men that would deny a man so as not to convicted by the worshiped interpretation that they wear as a veil. So it is that all great men are taken down by the veil of interpretation given women by those that never knew the true intentions of the heart of men. For this reason the fathers through the son will destroy society and reach to the heart of humans that they might return to the Spirit in their beings and no longer congregate to manipulate.

Through the power of the Spirit I (dnatree/stephentree/tree) communicated for ten years to reach the world and family about the need to only hear Spirit in all things and when the Spirit reveals itself to You then it is necessary to pluck out, or let go of the partial interpretation which comes through reading scripture which is a deluding influence without Spirit. The letter leads to Death. After many predictions ALL of which are coming true one woman that hated me used the fears of the group to rid me from the forum. Of course they thought they had justification because of the misunderstanding of the presumptuous woman post but they were also given the post "do not interpret, go to the Spirit" to understand what the Spirit is saying and so that we do not misinterpret the words given. How easy it was for all those that hated to manipulate the forum to make it appear as though I was still there. And of course those that understood but were afraid to speak because of the wrath of the masses that hated the truth about men and God.

The problem with the truth is that in order to see/experience it as communicated by the cross is that You must be reached to the heart by the pierce of the thorn and who would willingly allow pain except they believed/ nay KNEW that the path they were on leads to death. So it is that none willingly ask life to do what needs to be done in order to reach them.

For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life in order to find the Spirit will find his life.


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