Tuesday, August 16, 2011

All Izz Well and endless crisis

Yesterday I had a lot of things to take care of like Pam's State Tax, then as I walked to the stairs up to my apartment I met this angry young guy that had much work to do and I asked if the folks on the roof last friday could have effected the air conditioner. He said he knew nothing about it and had a lot to do. I was troubleshooting what happened to our air conditioner that now has started to work again. I then asked the manager and he said it was probably just the old school thermostat. Then a little later everyone was in crisis because I spoke to that boy and he said "that I got up in his face" about the problem and nothing could have been further from the truth. (those that know me, know I have never react in that way especially over such a matter) He was angry about something and seeing through angry eyes he went and told the Jab apartment people that I was the one angry when it was the other way around. Then I receive this notice that because I talked to him I had broken the sacred covenant and I must fix the problem within three days or evacuate the home I had been in for ten years. All on this angry kid's word. The thread on prophecies about Merc is the perfect place to put this.

Anyway after much anger by the managers that got in trouble for this Pam and I went out to the bird sanctuary where we often walk but for some reason we had never walked behind the information center. There I walked up to this plaque that seemed like it had been forgotten by everyone.

After leaving here we went and rented a movie that was just perfect. It was called "Three Idiots" and it was about the pressure, crisis and passion of what we choose to do in life seen through the experience of three Indian Students.


I highly recommend this movie although it is subtitled

While walking at the Bird Sanctuary the day's experience was summarized by the realization of Casting Your burdens on the Spirit as Nothing Really Matters anyway.


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