Saturday, August 13, 2011

Canonization by those that hate the Spirit and want to control the interpretation

I went walking and the word that came up was about the canonization of the scriptures and I began to think about how on the forums some threads that do not flatter those in charge are removed and other things tweaked. Like when they got into my account and wrote what they wrote above my picture and I still cannot get into the account as the previous post illustrates. So my account on OroborusForum has been compromised.

When those that never knew the Spirit conspired (this is the devil or flesh in humans) to canonize the bible those that had taken control of the words were as the Spirit spoke through Jesus. Those that are greatest among you are not those that take the greatest seats as these are usually those that don't want their shame revealed and by controlling the interpretation and what books would be allowed in and which would be burned they could effectively cover their own shame. The fact that books were burned publically and it was not hidden from history was because not all agreed with the additions, nor the subtractions which were for the controlling of "interpretation".

Even on the forums this is happening right now. Some threads are being pulled out that would embarrass those in charge and some slight changes have been made by those that perpetrated a crime according to their own interpretation it is surely a crime. (Oroborusforum, Prophecies.us)

With the bible which was the accepted books minus the unaccepted books which could be interpretted in such a way that those that believed they could then through their own self rightness appear as though they could keep that interpretation.

Now once these in their own flesh reach a point of self rightness toward THIS INTERPRETATION they then turn and judge the least of them according to their self image which is not of the Spirit.

There is no need for further conflict (dogs barking loud in background)

Those you misunderstood who were learning from the Spirit allowed you to do this to them.
All is paid, even what "each of us" has done to the least of them. This is true, through knowing the Spirit. As it is written but the truth hidden that "there is no condemnation for those that walk according to the Spirit which was in Christ Jesus" So yes, all is paid through the love of the Spirit that is the "true intentions of the heart of Jesus".

There is no need for further conflict (dogs barking loud in background) Will those that have used shame and now feel shame realize the love in the humiliation of the "right people".

The deluding influence is the result of a great feast called "the comprimise", where once all the true meat was scrapped from the bones the bones no longer should have been kept. As the humiliation of some texts were thrown out and others that the self right believed they were able to keep in their own estimation were allowed to remain. But those in charge of the forum/canon decided had gained control of the words and chose which would remain and which would be burned.


As a child I really needed that nurturing milk and that learning from that basic understanding that came from watching my parents and trying to understand them. The law is like that basic learning and the law of love through the Spirit is the words of the law that is the apex of this understanding. But it is meaningless to know this concept of love through the Spirit if we never actually gave our lives to the Spirit. Like in marriage that love is meaningless if we married other than to give ourselves to that person, which if we really loved them and then found they did not marry to share but for profit. Marriage would disapear if it were as Jesus said that You could not be the bride of Christ (speaking to mankind) except You are willing to follow HIM even to the edge of death. (That was the reality of Christianity at it's conception which is not interpreted away) But even the interpretation of the law of love is not to be kept as the truth for life but rather when a greater understanding of the love of the Spirit and the ever present help of the Spirit becomes all that I believe then the partial love that led to so much death and destruction through religion is done away with. When something real begins to grow in You where You interpret nothing especially You do not interpret for others like those that believe they are right because they carry that law/book under their arm, for it is they that the Spirit knew would want to control others that would love the presumptuous interpretation of the Snakes that never knew the Spirit. But once I came to know the Spirit of the father I needed to start new with YOU/my life. So You see I do not want to do away with anything, but like through my experience YOU/my life took what existed and everything changed not by me stopping doing anything or starting to do anything but by what YOU truly did through me by my attention each day to YOU. For every day something fresh and new kept me knowing YOU in a new way. That I might not loose myself "YOU are my life" again.

Consider your best friend that through the interpretation of marriage we punch each other in the gut with shame so that on that last day you are separated and the love grows cold so that you find yourself rejected having used shame and rejection throughout the "friendship" and also found your peers to also shame him further rather than a jury of those that would know and love your friend. True love is through the Spirit and through the truth of the Spirit but contrived love will ALWAYS LEAD TO DESTRUCTION.


My daughter (Raine) happened through coincidental events that led her to try to contact her mother. When she could not reach her she went to see what was wrong only to find her mother unconscious on her floor. She was taken to the hospital and in ICU for two days and I believe only one night. I am happy to say that she is back home and doing well. I called her to tell her that I am so glad especially for Raine that her mother is ok. Her mother wanted to forget the past and start new with her children. She then told me about her cat "Booger Spence" as that cat can be a real booger. I thought about the rock stuck in the tire synch and felt that the two were related.


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