Friday, August 05, 2011

The Most presumptuous take the leading seats

I noticed that when I posted the presumptuous (person) the MOST presumptuous came out in anger and misunderstanding wanting to cover their shame. Some used the law against their husbands in a manner that if this got out they would be severely shamed and shame in their belief is to only be used against men. Religion as all will know is the congregation of those seeking to cover their shame and reinterpret what revealed their hearts toward those that they hate. So it is that a forum that was started when DNATREE was misunderstood on Prophecies years ago now has those that would hate him most in control and blocking his every access as the videos I sent to the members of OMTC reveal. These members are revealing their hearts toward that post that was misunderstood for in truth all humans are presumptuous.

All my life in America I have experienced this phenomenon where a woman in a relationship misunderstands a man or has some grievousness and sends out an angry energy of lets say 9 decibels. Being misunderstood he then sends out an energy of maybe five decibels and now that he has gotten angry at her, though less angry perhaps than she was she then turns all women in the vicinity against him and once this starts like on Oro the fact that they are all angry is "proof that he is too blame".. LOL Because when women are angry, they are never to blame and they have not misunderstood. So is the magic of women never taking blame but administering it only. How foolish, as in this case as they ever increase this tactic not knowing what is around the corner and that they are drawing their very greatest shame, to rival that shame that caused the veiling from each other in the Garden.

Remember the pain in the garden (10,000) yrs ago. You chose to live alone and hide yourself behind your shame/pain. And like a veil, the interpretation is just an excuse to hide yourself from me. Likewise the anger and interpretation prevalent on Oroborus and prophecies.

The most shameful and controlling are those that banned together to make appearances so after I said I was banning myself.


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