Monday, August 01, 2011

Those that hate the Spirit, gather to control the Interpretation

Those that hate the Spirit, gather to control the Interpretation, that is Religion, that is all the forums. That is the lie that all have been led to. So the Spirit will reveal their hearts in that greatest storm that has been predicted and they draw their own end.

The flower fades, the lies take over, and the definition of being despite-fully used is clear.
Ten Years of accurate predictions relative to the Spirit to reach You and now is revealed why They Will Never Be Reached until after the great loss. No explanation will be given except they be told in one moment to "Get OFF MY PLANET"
Matt. 24:28: "Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather."

Like a flower when it blooms all the energy and beauty radiates from inside. Once it is done all those forces from outside begin to make it what it should be in their eyes and it wilts. So it is that at the end of a relationship such as on a forum those that hate the truth will rise to take the helm so that they might reinterpret through shame and blame. Until they have an interpretation that has nothing to do with the original Spirit. This is Christianity, this is Oroborus forum, and this is American Relationship. So it is that at the end of a world such as the end of Israel in 66ad that the greatest that placed themselves in office were actually the least and the least of their countrymen, humiliated, rejected and denied. So it is just before they are destroyed and humiliated that there is heaped upon those that interpreted and blamed without the Spirit all that they had done to those they said they loved. Each account has been made to appear as though I could actually log in and do something but the video will show that those wishing to impede even break their own law in order to stop what they fear.

My account at Oroborusforum has been compromised and those that are in charge there are there not because they love Oroborus forum or the folks that got pushed out but because they probably are wanting to control what they are afraid will be revealed about them. I mean like the cat lady that plays like she is a bad ass, but anyone can see that she hates Oroborus and she tried to draw everyone to her matrix. She is probably also very jealous of what happened on Oro. The women that have used the law in some manner against a man and want to manipulate any further exposure of women while all ganging up on one man.

This is why Jesus said of the Spirit which is the Earth "This is my body that is given to You" For after great humiliation, rejection and denial, he found they would never allow him to reach his own except first he give them the exact thing they desired which was the King and the Law and then he said that the only way this is to be understood is to go through the right door, as he had already been humiliated, rejected and denied and given them what they demanded. So then turning to those that they would persecute he said: "Now they will kill You and judge You and cast You out from their gatherings (that includes forums) And this interpretation that they demanded they will interpret without the Spirit and control because the real interpretation humiliates them because of their self rightness. So it is that those that hate me control the boards where the Spirit spoke through the experience of many. They have done this unto me, and they will also do this to You as Jesus had said.

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