Monday, August 08, 2011

We are traveling and relaxing near Quincy Ca.

We are traveling and relaxing near Quincy Ca. today. We spent some time at a graveyard where Pam used to dream when she lived in Quincy. She came up with the name of Scarlet for our car and it had particular meaning there at the graveyard. Will post the pics.

Writing there

In the shadow of myself my left hand grew gold.
(She) You are the shadow of myself
But you are none the less a part of me

In Jesus it was shown that You Also are God

I destroy nothing

I come to wake You to everything

You have kept yourself a prisoner of a small pond

I am the Ocean and it's turbulent Flood (Rumi)

Noah was not a story about what once happened but the poetry of when I AM COME AGAIN.

When a man and a woman are joined she takes his name
Like through the name of Christ (s)he is honored
As to whether she truly gave her life to him
If she does not have true intent of heart toward the Spirit

I command "you" victim to turn yourself off in 13 months

"Do not fear, go to the Spirit" through physical or spiritual death
with 'true intentions of heart that He might raise you up again"

At the graveyard
The names on these stones made her presume Swiss
As she began to experience her moments with Spirit

Each of my presumptions about Jesus had to be replaced by the skillful accuracy of the Spirit's word. A new stone with a new name (name meaning to know the true nature of the being) like names such as heart soul spirit body these words only separate and like the Rumi poem fall in love and these do not even exist and you will not be separated again.


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