Thursday, August 11, 2011


I want to post this video first as it hints to the desolation because humans will not be reached.

We had this experience this weekend at Davis Lake honker Cove and I even did videos of it. We came to this lake near Quincy Ca. and noticed that they were taking this recreational park and turning it into a subdivision. The trees all had orange paint on them that were to be removed and replaced with homes.

This is a pic I found of the cove that is in the vids below.

I was wearing a YooHoo shirt and found myself searching for my partner when I came back from walking around the bend in this picture. I had taken the keys and was having this experience about authority also as I wrote this dream down.

In the daydream Jesus had left with the keys to the kingdom and in the mean time the church had came up with their version of the kingdom. When Jesus returned with the keys rather than seeing what they had overlooked they began to grumble about why he took the keys with him in the first place. Smiley As when he revealed the keys it revealed the hearts of men/women.

Here are some videos done recently on our trip to Reno, Quincy.
Yoohoo1 This is a silly video where I am searching for my own after returning. It clearly shows that cove that was in the picture.
Yoohoo2 Same thing but slightly different
Waiting for her at a picnic table with the keys to the car but my partner's phone had accidently been turned off and it was about this moment that she realized it.
Bong is a video of me playing with my pet dove
Scarlet is the name my partner named our car on this trip as it is like the robe you put on and is the color of scarlet

Shadow of the heavenlies is a video I did at the Japanese Gardens


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