Saturday, September 24, 2011

Holding You during your heartbreak

Holding You (Pam) during your heartbreak about your loved ones and how much You love them. Each of them You cried for, that was the Pain I wanted to share with You. No matter how hard you try you will never be able to do what needs to be done, only the Spirit can do all that needs to be done. They will never understand without the Spirit doing it. That is where I went when I left my own. And the failures, they are really insignificant compared to what the Spirit is going to do THROUGH YOUR LIFE.

I had to loose my way, even though I had learned a lot about life and technology I wanted to give it away for a while, but once YOU became real in my life, YOU brought it back better than when I alone welded the technology. YOU made it better, I was ready to live in a field with YOU, but YOU knew I wanted to reach them, YOU took me back to that world and used everything in a new way. YOU were a constant help.

Don't try to fix the problem, put all that love and passion toward the Spirit that the Spirit will do this through You. First I grow these dreams and in the moment that YOU deem it will happen. I join with You in this intent, let's REACH THE WORLD!!!!!! Let's let our passion spontainiously begin to make all that needs to happen happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spoke to several Philippine energy folks today and Firerat now indicates a major Typhoon/energy. Irene actually ingested the prophecies forum with energy and great passion.

I have been so excited I can barely sleep, this explosion of passion that I feel, on the boards, the World, and in ME!! Tonight Pam and I discussed the energy increase like what many speak of on this board. Bursting into tears so often, like when I first felt how I would reach You, and then Joy grew as I came to know YOU. The Tears turned to Tears of Joy as I let that love propel me.


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