Sunday, November 27, 2011

The End of Human Control, the return to Spirit

Like what happened on Prophecies where liars and manipulators at the top were removed and many hearts were reached so is this time when we leave the old world of interpretation and RETURN to the world that is of the Spirit. For the old was a lie that hid the truth that is all around us.

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(the beginning of the next world "I AM WITH YOU" God and man are one)
For the God/word you seek is very near to You, even in Your mouth and in Your heart and You do not need a book or a teacher)

Thoughts relative to another post I was not done with.
Put this here on Sunday 7:55PM I ran out of time they allotted to love, loving YOU/You.
"It is as though you are lying there waiting for someone to take You away." Waiting for the one that loves You. (tough love the next synch I had on that same show. Cannot be what You don't believe in.)

8:10 Pam needing reassurance herself so I decided to read her this. When we turned on the TV the first word that came out was leaves. OH, that pbs program is over at 8 and this program is on now. Pam had changed the channel to a station called live well. LWN 8:20 on MOTION LWN Seagulls taking the mussels up to the exact height needed to crack their shells. In other words, http://self-esteem4me.blogspot.com/2010/05/gift-of-love-5-of-10.html


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