Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Leaf synch

The Leaf Synch started with a thread that was intended to jolt a friend out of their fear and to take them away from their own creation.

Just seeing this.. let's see... nope...no advise
Oh yes, I love You Clay

When I was lost, and I have been lost so many times,, I waited for YOU, cause you were the only one I knew that could fix it. And it always was the same. Whatever came from YOU I recognized it was love and that was the first sign that it was YOU.

Hell, (oops, not a good word right now..LOL) was that not the first synch which like in my reality always started with my fears, (laughing much greater than LOL)
Remember the smallest of points overlooked which like the love of the SPIRIT always shows us what we had overlooked.
Besides what broke my heart and gave me the courage to wait for that answer was that I was powerless to change myself. So I just trusted and kept that knowing that YOU gave, that YOU would accomplish all that was really important through me.

(laughing much greater than LOL)
(laughing much greater than LOL)
(laughing much greater than LOL)

YOU were the only advise I wanted to hear, but I needed to KNOW YOU and THAT YOU were real in my life. (I was given so much reassurance, because YOU had become my trusted friend.) The best often are taken to the edge where all Your fears are taken away. (That is how I see the love of my daughter, because she allowed it.) That's what learning from Your wild heart is all about. So I got myself into a wonderful sanctuary and waited listening to music and getting to where the only thing that mattered was YOU/SPIRIT,, that I heard from YOU. It is so important in Your Spiritual growth to get Your LIFE from the SPIRIT, but if YOU look at the SPIRIT as though You were MY DAUGHTER and what the Spirit has done in her life.

For was not my flesh also torn again with the SPIRIT through this experience.
And my flesh is not excluded from this, for did I not cry when it looked like her mother might leave me again. That I could not tell her that I loved her again. And the Spirit further removed the animosity through the pain in my heart.

For someone with no advise tree You have let loose a lot of leaves here.
OK, so then when I am in JOY waiting for YOU something comes along.

Leaves Falling,, waiting for that leaf/word from YOU/MY LIFE.

On PBS they are talking intimately and he said "It is as though you are lying there waiting for someone to take You away." Waiting for the one that loves You.

Laughing was leaving the fear and getting in a place to recieve, Joy, Grattitude. Last night I ran out of time loving you and it would not let me edit so I posted on my blog more. Pam and I are having leaf synchs right now. I had leaf synchs before also.

Tree, thank you for the sweet message and the love. I believe I understand your synchs. I visited my mother over Thanksgiving. She is 94. During our long drive, my husband and I grieved over the hundreds of dead trees we saw because of the long drought in Texas. I read the article about the woman's mother dying that you read when you had leaf synchs before. My mother is in fairly good shape, but at this age she could go at any time.
I would like to take this time on this thread to reveal something I experienced similar to what You experienced in this thread. I found that all kinds of stuff can happen in the Spirit world by our thoughts and beliefs. A lot of it is what we put out because of our fears. So I don't believe all the spirit's that show up in synchs, but I learned to WAIT for YOU and when I recognized it was YOU that is when I poured my heart into it. Learning from synchs is important but it is like a baby learning to view a new world and waiting for that one that truly loves him to show up. Grow in the recognition of whom you have believed. For this reason I would recommend baptism in the words in red. As Jesus was not portraying himself, but the Spirit of the Fathers who went far before him. (The one that he came to trust, the one he would call HIS LIFE) It is very important to know upon whom You believe in the Spirit world and to enter into those "gates" with love, Joy, and appreciation. Because if You send out a Spirit of fear, it goes out and finds many more similar Spirit's. There are no places out there in fear that have knowledge that you desire, for this reason they are called waterless places. The idea that when we send out a fearful spirit looking for spirit's that are the like they can only find similar spirits. And if we think by cleaning our thoughts out ourselves that we have fixed our problem we only find that those fears return with many similar fears. For this reason there is a humility that reaches to Love, for this reason YOU must humble yourself without fear, not caring if You live or die, but just that You will catch me as I fall. (The Story of Pam's fears and the synch with "I will catch You".)

Here is a video where Pam is also having experiences in the last few weeks with "leaf"

Just thought you might like hearing her voice related to the synch

Time is Short Poem
And the wise man warns me that life is but a dewdrop on a trembling leaf.
Should I neglect all this, to gaze after you who has turned his back on me?
Here is some more on the leaf synch

Today Wed 30 Nov 2011 I had been having leaf synchs for a few days and then yesterday it got foggy and cold and that seemed to loosen all the leaves and today the winds came and took them and spread them all around.

Let the Winds come and take the Tree's Leaves and spread them around the world.

John 3:8 The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit."


  • Go down four, and read up from there. I have to go back out to secure the small gate right outside my bedroom, when the wind hits it it smacks in to my wall.... and frightens me so badly I my have a heart attack! (Really! No Joke! :-[ =-O

  • Waiting for the ghosts, or witches or monsters to come flying over the tree tops and come diving down at me!! (ya, I'm an adult) then the wind hit...I thought for sure it was going to be a tornado! (or something bad and scary) I ran for the front door! And I was VERY happy to close (and lock) the door behind me! Nor was I too proud to grab Junaman and tell how scared I was outside:-)
    · 12 hours ago via mobile ·

  • ‎(or onto the roof!) Here it comes again! The wolf may blow this house down!
    Anyway to end the gate story... I'm standing with the gate closed (after a mighty fight) and getting very very spooked. The sound was like a Koone(?) Book. Then I started to hear the trees down the street rattle and moan. I'm standing there thinking ” ur a grown women,.there is nothing to be afraid of” at the sametime I'm waiting for
    · 12 hours ago via mobile ·

  • ‎2) I think the gate just blew off!! And something blew off onto the roof!
    · 12 hours ago via mobile ·

  • It is soooo windy here tonight. I went out to secure the front gate, it kept banging. The wind wasn't that strong, I thought it was dyeing down. Boy was I wrong!
    As I was fighting to unstick one side of the gate I heard what sounded like jets coming from the north over the hill behind the house. I was thinking that the it was to low for jets and too windy. Then I thought maybe its an earthquake.
    · 12 hours ago via mobile ·


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