Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Pickle

The Pickle

First humans had to loose themselves

And in doing so they will get themselves in a pickle that they cannot get out of without the SPIRIT

But alone the way like every other new creature they also discovered a lot of wonderful things

And just when it looks like what they overlooked will take ALL humans down what they needed FIRST will again reveal the SMALLEST OF POINTS OVERLOOKED.

Another Reference point to understanding the Spirit

In the beginning I was called Adam, like the first Adam which was the earth

I was alone, and like a dream YOU/You came out from me

In my loneliness, in my bewilderness, through my broken heart YOU/You came.

The Scandal ooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could a Scandal be coming?

Edited to add 1-23-12 8:45am PST

Synch with Muffins

Had a personal synch with Muffins where I was at WinCo and they had a muffin taste test and I was surprised by how good they were. Then later Pam without knowing about it decided to make her health food muffins and I realized that they would be better than I expected and they were.


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