Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Unexspected

Ok, had a very powerful synch with "The Unexpected"

And YOU and I collide and the emotional energy that causes something UNEXPECTED TO HAPPEN.

Anger, about way Humans disregard the SPIRIT and lift up their interpretations above the SPIRIT. I am feeling a great emotional energy that causes something UNEXPECTED TO HAPPEN.
If I was not going to reach You I would never had been known by You because I would not ever have encountered You as the SPIRIT would keep me in a better place than those energies of the world. I have to go back to another World with YOU/MY LIFE. I have to leave once again the world of humans.

Coming to Know YOU/SPIRIT through the poetry of Jesus then there was that moment where the SPIRIT said to let go of the deluding influence of the Scripture that was not part of the SPIRIT"S use as the enemy had planted many things along with what the SPIRIT spoke, like you pluck out an eye as the Spirit had grown in FORM. Each Person give "their truth" which believing IS REAL.

I finally died, which started the whole world living.
You must let go of the "interpretation" of Jesus which IS SUCH A DELUDING INFLUENCE for what the SPIRIT teaches as that was the reason. All those that love Contrived Love were to be caught in a net as they did not get their interpretation from the SPIRIT. And they don't realise the fine print that says to those unworthy what, such as the so called "Lord's Supper". For what does it say of those that do this unworthily as they are thieves that interpret and deny the SPIRIT. And what does it say but they shall have heaped on them all the terrible things they demanded for others by their JUDGEMENT which is also called THEIR INTERPRETATION.

In the same manner I don't want anyone to "follow" my example or even Jesus's example as "trying to reach humans" is a collision. Rather to "seek the truth from the Spirit for Your life". The stories are to illus-trait the reality of SPIRIT. I need to die that the SPIRIT be born in You. Every prophet of the SPIRIT should say this. For the Word You seek is in Your heart and in Your mouth as You believe and hear from the SPIRIT and You do not need a teacher or a book.

Other links to "the Unexpected" and another Post about "The Unexspected" Edited jan 25th to add this file Here is my audio file to my friend Mark just before the creation of the Unexpected_____________________________________

Woke up in Rohnark Park dreaming about the deluding influence of scripture. Turned on the TV and an Islamic Woman was talking about how the Koran predicts War at the end of times. I thought about how learning from SPIRIT/GOD is the only way to see past the deluding part of the scripture which as the letter indicates leads to DEATH. It actually leads to the IDEA of SIN and of DEATH and leads the "right people on the right" and the "right people on the left" to go to war with their COUNTERPARTS in "other" religion which also the letter is leading to death.

It appears that SPIRIT has used the "sheep" that reject the SPIRIT to build something for another and then the slaughter at the end exists for all that believe the letter which the SPIRIT was spoken of to overcome.

For which of those whose god is the letter and not a SPIRIT can overcome what is coming?

And if ever it was evident that the leaders of this world are the heads of a devouring beast that is meant to consume it's own flock as humans do.

Remember Humans alone kill all their flock, and save none while in the Wild they only purge those whose emotions take them to death by saying "I hate this life, and not believing YOU ARE ABLE to bring redemption from what is not of the SPIRIT.

Able to save from those moments of emotional Vampires.

Now what is taught of the SPIRIT and what of the letter but that the LOVER should let go of everything except for that from the SPIRIT which is good. As there is no hint of evil or the idea of evil from the SPIRIT this is reserved for those that interpret that they may believe unto themselves what they believe is EVIL since in one moment they see they have followed the rightness of man through interpretation rather than the rightness of SPIRIT which is to stay in a wonderful place relative to what the SPIRIT is speaking.


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