Tuesday, February 14, 2012

notes of late

Seeing how much my Grandsons are like Me revealed the Meaning of Jacob blessing his sons. For as GOD was in each of his children I now see them in me. I am in You and You are in me, and as YOU/SPIRIT are in me and I am in YOU therefore YOU also will be in them and be a lighthouse to them.

The SPIRIT says "I will write the reason for needing the law upon their hearts" that they might then let go of the law to know the SPIRIT. As MY LIFE grew like a tree there was a time when I needed milk and a time I needed meat. The law when taught by loving parents is the essense of "True intention of Heart" as after the truth of the law is written on the heart and we learn to have true intent toward each other we are then honest with ourselves and are ready to let go of the words of the law and the SPIRIT uses what has been written through life on our hearts to show up the true power of the SPIRIT in us as a new creation.

The broken hearted Christian is where the SPIRIT and the INTERPRETATION collided
Now there is only YOU and I as I have plucked that interpretation given by man as I pluck out an eye that offended me and there is now ONLY YOU and I.

The Problem with Humans is that men and religion have forever told women a LIE. The SPIRIT even will tell you a lie if you want to hear a lie. But it is time to Break Your Heart and tell You WHY You always are told a lie. For if You were told the truth, You would misunderstand and hate the truth, that is why I tell You that You MUST hear it from the SPIRIT and not from an interpretation of men such as Religion.

So many have misunderstood. There is a time to crawl, a time to walk, a time to sprint, a time to fly. It is so important that a child recieve what a mother has to give. It is so important that they learn as humans do to have true intention of heart toward the law. There is a time when a man puts away childish things with "True intention of Heart" to learn from the SPIRIT. But the whole idea of law and death and sin must leave in order to see how it really is with SPIRIT. For with YOU/MY LIFE there is only freshness in this moment and YOU always rescue from the interpretations of men.



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