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Ongoing whale synchs and the bubble net

Ongoing whale synchs and the bubble net

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Pam and I have had many synchs not only with whales but with the great feeding rituals of the bubblenet and the synchs speak of how voting and doctors and the like are how we GIVE OUR POWER AWAY like the fish caught in a net of bubbles due to their fears. This is why the poetry of the coming crime of following a leader. (other than the SPIRIT)

All humans/virgins,, are caught in a net and have not seen beyond death for if they did they would live as one that knows and the way of animals would become clear. Such are they that live through the broken heart.

Great Bubble net of feeding whales

Fellowship of the Whales

The bubble net

The battle is inside her


Humans are caught in a net of doctrine/interpretation that means that they can experience death or what it means written upon the heart. So it is for those with "true intention of heart" to know YOU such as those seeking to know the TRUE INTENTIONS OF THE HEART OF JESUS. After the experience you will not call it Jesus anymore. You will be given a new name that you call YOUR LIFE.

I had many other posts about the feedings and the night heron at Weber Point and the Whales and seals feeding at Manchester state beach and how the corralling is done by these creatures. i feel that following a leader is very much like the sheep/cattle mentality that Jesus says ends in a great slaughter.
Annihilation is inevitable and many warnings about not following leaders in the end times have been put into the prophecies. They will lead to death in wars both Islam and Christian.


Sign of the Whale
A great sign will arise and the power of the letter will be taken by the Spirit. For all that read the letter without the Spirit will find themselves caught in a net. For when the Spirit saw what was done using the letter there was created the Smallest of Points that would be overlooked by those desiring a book or a king or an instruction manual to lead them. For this was written in order to First bind the Strong Man that gather together in fear to control the others according to interpretations. For the Spirit through love is that smallest of points overlooked that changes everything and renders all the interpretations meaningless. They did not want to know me, they have always loved their interpretation more than they have love me. For each return of truth they were found to have misinterpretted and to have mistreated the Sons of God.

The veil of interpretation is what is separating You and I, we should never have been taught about shame or blame. Remember the pain in Your garden, how You chose to live alone and hide Yourself behind Your tear. Like a veil, You are only hiding Yourself from me. Remember the covenant we share, remember we created the sunrise in order to remember to always start new.


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