Monday, February 20, 2012

Pam's Birthday, Forgiveness synch, The path does not end for YOU

Pam's Bithday in Davenport Ca. 19 Feb

Forgiveness, Spirit, Frogs, Kenny Loggins, Conviction of the heart

Been having a lot of synchs with Forgiveness

Frogs synchs feb 19th

frogs and the french
Frog Video

Frogs and Forgiveness Past synchs with Forgiveness

Kenny Loggins Conviction of the heart and Forgiveness

The Path does not end
This was the subject of our experience on the coast.... not the end but as you will see in our video where the path SEEMS to end but if you have faith and stick your neck out past where most people misunderstand You see where the path starts new. The path of thorns will end but the path of flowers begins new and fresh.

Our past three weeks have been I'm Yours, Your Mine, Like Paradise
Synchs of late with Paradise

Here is the video this weekend about the Path does not end after the Impassable way, it is impassable without Spirit.


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