Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thoughts in Arcata CA.

showed her the computer, I changed my mind I did not want a bath.
I wanted to loose myself in the world inside the diamond of my father's reality so that I could spend some
time with him in SPIRIT
And I needed "her" to not show me the penny as in the movie "somewhere in time", because I needed to be in this
reality for a time.

She is learning his true need for sanctuary. that the life be as one.

Story about my poem of Adam and how "like a dream you came out from me" As to why the poetry of men is to focus on
Spirit rather than the beast man/ person/woman/child
For the equation gets so big, but like the processes of the body in the coast to coast segment about synchs some processes
were meant to be subconsciese .

Add pictures to the walls at Motel (#) as more and more will appreciate it and the pics can be cheap and different
even with the intention of travel and motel (#) like in some of their adds.

Lydia and the need for me not to see the Penny like in the movie "somewhere in time" in my sanctuary/home.
The importance of Sanctuary.

The lighthouse as sanctuary


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