Wednesday, February 08, 2012

When Christianity was Legalized the SPIRIT was destroyed

Like Christianity in it's early days, if you want to control something that is getting out of hand, something that they won't let you destroy, all you have to do is legalize it and then control it. Accepting the fledgling religion that was causing so much stir was the beginning of the end of the SPIRIT. As who Jesus really was was to be hidden by those in control. Like marijuana if you legalize it since it cannot be destroyed and so many use it if they legalize it they can control the use and get those that follow the presumptuous snakes to believe and get in the control business with them. You know the many that love that lie. The book burning was like the first step in making it legit.

Have you asked the SPIRIT if your INTERPRETATION is the original intention of the heart of JESUS?

I watched this movie and dedicate it to the Men that are MY OWN


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