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No Man can Walk away from his Own Story

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Like Rango (who is not unlike any of our posters) in the animated movie once he was bitten by the snake he wandered away in shame asking "who am I". He came to realise that a man could not walk away from his own story and that it was not about "him" but about those he had come to love. Soon he returned changed knowing that the SPIRIT was working through him. (resurrected) If you want to know whom they were 2000yrs ago then go look in the mirror. If you wonder whom it is that was to be resurrected then "live your story".

No man can walk away from his own story

Who Am I?

I have met many named Peter like the Christian friend I met in Mammoth lately and it was a humorous thing when I Joked with my Jewish Friend in Milton Florida and said "Peter, Peter, I just don't know what I am going to do with You". Perhaps I am looking for a fisher of men that could reach such as are loved yet lost behind religion.

Even OUR FRIEND Edward Palamar fits this description but must come to the point where the story is not about him but about the SPIRIT that lives through each of us. The story about Peter and John and the rest of the disciples was not about them but about that ONE that LIVES within us. This one is UNSEEN as long as We believe We are the one living for you do not DO THIS, but ALLOW HIM TO LIVE THROUGH YOU. This is not Your life, but HIS.


We watched Rango again last night and I "think the synch" has to do with one's own story, about not giving up, and about the courage to go on by letting YOU live this life through me.

It was not the fact that Jesus asked the SPIRIT that he go to the edge but not die so that all may see the power of the SPIRIT, but rather what it means having to do with who we are in YOU/SPIRIT.


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