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He wants to take the pain/blame away.

This is from a post where the beloved friend demands all the blame be on the man for her bad experience. This is an agreement with a retainer that as You reject the SPIRIT You reject the growth and power that comes from allowing the experience and learning. Co post that goes with this is Don't be afraid to break hearts least of all Your own.

So I had an experience that I am to write here about this subject. It starts with the realization that YES he IS to take the blame. Pam and I took the weekend off in a beautiful place and as I walked I let go of many kinks in my back caused by stress. 

As Jesus took the whole blame and DIED for the Bride/Church so husbands are to love their wife/those in their life, and even lay down their lives for them. This does not mean just between a husband and wife but all who come as angels walking up and down the stairs from heaven. Even that person, the least of them, that you feel such blame for as those that believe in shame and blame but do not dream of passion may draw to themselves such as they need to convict them. See below."Convict" 

In the moments of anger, shame and blame I too am as lost in my flesh as You, Luna, are often lost. 

BUT, when I spend time with the SPIRIT it reveals what is greater than our flesh as the SPIRIT gave me that to tell You. Of, course, and he wants it that way because it is SO important that You let go of the shame and blame and start new that first he wants to take the blame truly. 

The way it is supposed to work is that the human man (that has believed the SPIRIT so that he is saved in this moment) is the bride of the SPIRIT and the SPIRIT has shown how the blame is paid for through such as the killing of the son of man through interpretation by those that do not know SPIRIT need someone to blame. Love wants You to start new and be free of shame and blame as those that feel shame separate from each other so You separate from SPIRIT and reject SPIRIT daily through shame and blame. This is why it is easier for the person blamed to accept that the person that uses blames and "might use blame also for profit". 

So, what we want You to do is feel no shame even while You blame so that You can feel better about starting new which is very important. 

This is my intent for You that You feel no blame and that You are free of that weight. 

What the SPIRIT through Jesus was really saying to me. 
Now the man will see it differently while fulfilling the Woman's intent, for he who knows how things really are attracted in life knows that every person draws to themselves exactly as they believe. So he knows whether he had true intent and he knows if she seeing his passion as a man and using it against him to shame him and therefore what she does perhaps seems ok since he dose this evil in her interpretation, She can use it to gain advantage through public humiliation. (This is not Your experience but mine) But if She really NEVER KNEW ME and my intent was the original intent of the heart then her manipulation to entrap him is not more righteous after all. But he is being shamed just for being a man. (This is the power of the snake that worships the intention of the woman and does her bidding through the law such as a judge. 

The power of the LAW is shame and blame to separate and block the door to SPIRIT, but the power of the SPIRIT is freedom from that shame and to be born new in this moment understanding the true intent of those hiding behind a veil. This is why miracles happen so much for someone in the SPIRIT but the world that believes in shame and blame pray constantly and feel sorry for each other yet never know the SPIRIT. 

The last part of this is related to how he is free from the world's shame and blame and that is what happened after Jesus was shamed, blamed, and carried a cross of love until the shame and blame cause the relationship to die and blame and shame always leads to separation and through he may still love her he goes away and starts new as a stranger in a strange place. 

Yes, he wants to take the blame the SPIRIT indicates but it also means he will not be around to shame anymore. 

The other point those that hide through humiliation by only presenting the shame of those in society while overlooking the beam in their own eyes such as those hiding behind religion is that what they are really doing is rejecting the SPIRIT saying it is different here and this person is to blame and that is why there is no POWER of the SPIRIT through them. The man whose thigh/heal is bruised by the snake and does not believe the angel/message of the SPIRIT suffers in vain and never grows in the SPIRIT. 

Yes, I do understand how You feel that You are not to blame and I do not want You to feel any blame but this is also what is causing the tree within/SPIRIT to grow and gain power against the lie that controls the world. 

The lie is why after each event such as Katrina those seeing my flesh and hating me wanted to ban me and this has of course happened over and over after each prediction until the "End of the presumptuous Woman" which is the poetry of the present day church/supposed bride for she is only there trying to cover her own shame and if she really knew him there would be no shame only freshness in this moment. 

Luna, I am easily walked down the garden path as Jesus also was only seemingly use him for money and my flesh and personality is not very attractive to women but through the passion of coming to know SPIRIT and myself and yes women, I see the truth and anger on the other side of the THIN veil of her flesh and I really don't care to be around those that reject SPIRIT but I do love and appreciate the one that allowed her heart to be broken in order to really know me as I also went through such with the SPIRIT. This is my life/wife and for her I know the SPIRIT would fulfill that I would die for her/those in my life that TRULY know the SPIRIT through me and are not just trying to illuminate the weaknesses of a man's flesh to the world. 

This is why he leaves her because of shame and blame. When she was given the "tool" of shame and blame at the tree of good and evil for shame and blame is synonymous with it. Because constant shame and blame and use of the law of marriage to force a man to stay and work for someone without true intent and someone that only wants to use the shame of the world against a man's passion ALWAYS LEADS TO. For before after his passion play/shame and death and Resurrection he said as every man also feels from shame and blame. I also feel this interacting with those who are overtook with blame and shame on these forums. 

"My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death," he said to them. "Stay here and keep watch." 

But I tell you the truth: It is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Counselor will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you. When he comes, he will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment 

For it is this reason that Your heart was broken, go in the freedom of the SPIRIT without further shame or blame which when You have it for the least of these "my brothers" You also separate from ME/SPIRIT. This is the message of the SPIRIT that reveals why those hiding behind religion really never knew SPIRIT and were never known by SPIRIT. 

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